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Endrick Biography

Endrick Biography provides you with information on his childhood, early life, parents, family background, and football career.

The Brazilian professional footballer Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa (born July 21, 2006) plays as a striker for Palmeiras in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A league. It is expected that he will join Real Madrid in July 2024. Endrick biography includes everything, including his childhood, early life, family, career, and personal life.

Stay tuned to Endrick Biography while we will provide some general information about him, including Endrick stats, personal information, and footballing background.

All You Need to Know about Endrick Biography

All You Need to Know about Endrick Biography
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To begin Endrick biography, Endrick real name is Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa. He was born in Taguatinga, Brazil, on July 21, 2006, to his mother, Cintia Moreira, and father, Douglas Sousa. The Brazilian signed his first professional contract earlier this year and can play anywhere along the front line. His first team debut came after he joined Palmeiras at 11, progressing through their youth squads. 

Endrick Family

Endrick Biography
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In this part of Endrick biography, we look at Endrick family and childhood. According to our information, Endrick Felipe is one of two children (along with his brother Noah) born to his parents. Here’s some information about Cíntia Moreira and Douglas Sousa. A native of Taguatinga, in the Federal District of Brasilia, Endrick Felipe spent his childhood there. Endrick Striker was raised in a family with two other boys, Noah and himself.

Douglas and Cintia’s children share an unbreakable bond. Despite the age gap, Noah always relies on Endrick for guidance and support. Taking Noah out to dinner to celebrate his victories on the football field, he ensures his little brother joins him. Endrick began playing football when he was four years old in Brazil. Douglas Sousa, Endrick Felipe’s first father, introduced him to football.

Endrick Biography
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Endrick Early Life

A footballer’s proud father encouraged his son to learn from him while he played on the field. Seeing his son grow into a football player was a great pleasure for Douglas Sousa. Enrick was not just a spectator but a lucky mascot for his dad’s team in those days.

His passion for the game grew when Endrick played football individually with his dad as a child. To pass on everything he knew to his son, Douglas took it upon himself to teach him everything he knew about the game. He used his camera to capture Endrick’s performance and upload it to YouTube as he made amazing moves with the ball.

Through Douglas’ efforts, a football scout from Palmeiras quickly spotted Endrick’s talent. Endrick’s first big break came as a result of that. His career continued to soar from that moment on, and he is one of the biggest football talents years later.

His parents, Douglas Sousa and Cntia Moreira, have Brazilian nationality. Regarding Endrick Felipe’s origins, we found that he is a native of Taguatinga. The city is about 20 kilometers southeast of the city center and is a satellite of Brazil’s capital, Brasilia.

Endrick Football Career

Endrick Biography
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In this section of Endrick biography, we examine his footballing career in the various teams he has represented over his career. Having his son’s football skills published on YouTube proved to be a wise decision for Douglas Sousa. Then he took physical steps to find his son interested in football clubs. Sao Paulo and Rio were the main cities where Douglas Sousa visited football academies.

Thankfully, football scouts from top clubs took notice of Endrick’s YouTube video. The son of Douglas Sousa was accepted at first by So Paulo FC.

After Endrick Felipe was accepted, Sao Paulo FC advised him to move to the region where their football academy is located. The club should cover the bulk of the family’s expenses as Douglas Sousa expected to start over in a new city.

Unfortunately, São Paulo FC couldn’t meet Endrick Felipe’s dad’s expectations. Regarding financial aid, the club could offer him only 150 Brazilian Real per month. A monthly conversion of this amount is between $28.5 and $30. In the eyes of Endrick’s parents, the money was insufficient.

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Endrick Fame Story

When the club refused, Endrick’s father uploaded more videos of his son on YouTube. One more top Brazilian club took notice of Endrick’s video. The footballer was first offered to Corinthians before Palmeiras accepted him. Endrick Felipe’s dad’s needs were reviewed by Corinthians and rejected. Corinthians refused to pay the rent to the family. There was no job offer for Douglas Sousa from the club.

With Palmeiras, the fast-rising forward continued to experience greater success. In the academy, Endrick was known for scoring bicycle kicks against Santos FC, and that was one of his standout moments. In his 15th year, Endrick was confirmed to be Brazil’s brightest football jewel. He dazzles everyone with his feet (with the ball) and his attitude outside the pitch. Palmeiras’ forward again stood out with his goals, dazzling FIFA.

His domestic performances have been matched by his international performances, scoring against England for Brazil’s under-16s. Despite his short stature, Endrick can compete with defenders despite being 5 ft 8 in. The Brazilian legend Ronaldo has been compared to him because he possesses all the attributes of a complete striker. Even though he idolizes a different Ronaldo. In an interview with Marca earlier this year, Endrick said:

“Cristiano Ronaldo, a spectacular man, a phenomenon. I have to follow in his footsteps.”

As a young player, the Brazilian has emulated Neymar’s rise to superstardom. With over 3 million Instagram followers, the wonderkid has already made a big splash. The performance and goals he has produced have made him one of the most sought-after young players in the world of football.

Endrick Next Team

Endrick’s stock constantly rose, and numerous European giants were interested in signing him. The youngster was linked to Man United, Arsenal, and Chelsea in the Premier League. Also rumored to be interested was Barcelona, who aimed to make the first move to bring in the 16-year-old. 

Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-German also monitored his progress ahead of any potential future approaches. Real Madrid has won the race for his signature, however, with journalist Fabrizio Romano reporting they have reached an agreement. In that case, he would join in July 2024 at 18, when he would be 18 years old.

Endrick Football Career

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Youth career

Almost signing for So Paulo, he joined Palmeiras’ youth team at 11. Palmeiras youth teams scored 165 goals in 169 games during his five-year career. Following Palmeiras’ first title in 2022, he was named Player of the Tournament after scoring seven goals in seven games. Upon finishing the tournament, he caught the attention of major European clubs and the international media.

Senior career

Endrick made his professional debut on October 6, 2022, when he replaced a player for Palmeiras in the second half of their 4–0 win over Coritiba in the Série A. Having turned 16 years, two months, and sixteen days old, he became the youngest player ever to play for Palmeiras. As a result of his first two goals against Athletico Paranaense on October 25, he became the second youngest goal scorer in Brazil’s first division, behind Toninho de Matos.

Real Madrid

When Endrick turns 18 in July 2024, La Liga club Real Madrid will sign him to their squad, the club announced on December 15, 2022.

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Endrick Style of play

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In this part of Endrick biography, we talk about his style of play. Compared with Ronaldo and Romário, Endrick is a left-footed forward with a good shot. According to him, he fights until the last second. “I’m persistent, pressure defenders, and run more than anyone else on the pitch.” Cristiano Ronaldo is his idol. Brazil’s best football prospects consider him to be one of the best.

Endrick Girlfriend

In this section of Endrick biography, we take a look at Endrick life story and relationships. In addition to his budding football career, the 16-year-old Brazilian Athlete successfully balances a relationship. It is a testament to Endrick’s maturity that he can simultaneously maintain both parts of his life.

We will introduce you to Lara Hernandes, Endrick Felipe’s girlfriend. The parents of Endrick Felipe stand out from most parents of young footballers under 17, who might be reluctant to allow their children to get involved in romantic relationships. Douglas Sousa and Cntia Moreira fully support their son’s relationship. It is common for Endrick’s girlfriend, Lara Hernandes, to spend time with his family.

Endrick Personal life

Endrick Biography
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In this section of Endrick biography, we look at his personal life. Despite his outstanding performance on the pitch, Endrick is dedicated to spending quality time with his family. At only 16 years old, he could maintain a relationship because of this.

Noah and Endrick love spending time together, and Endrick especially with his younger brother. In addition to sharing his football knowledge, Endrick teaches Noah another skill he enjoys – boxing. They create unforgettable memories and strengthen their bond as siblings by spending time together.


Endrick Biography
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Endrick biography is similar to the stories of many great Brazilian stars from humble backgrounds. Growing up in a country with a very repressive social inequality, he was raised by his parents, Douglas and Cantina. Growing up, Endrick faced many challenges on and off the pitch. One of Douglas Sousa’s most painful memories of his family’s struggle was when his son asked for food from Brasilia. He cried after telling his son he did not have any.

Endrick learned the beautiful game from his father. He started playing the ball barefoot to score goals, running after the round leather. Getting to play for Palmeira was challenging. His father published Endrick’s goals on YouTube when he was young to attract big clubs. Sao Paulo had its first meeting with Endrick’s family. It was impossible to reach an agreement because the club was unwilling to help his dad get a job or housing in the city.

In 2011, he nearly signed with So Paulo’s youth team before joining Palmeiras’. During five years, he scored 165 goals in 169 games for Palmeiras’ youth teams.

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After leading Palmeiras to the title in 2022, fans named him Player of the Tournament after scoring seven goals in seven matches. Major European clubs, as well as international media outlets, took notice of his performance following the tournament. Palmeiras defeated Coritiba 4-0 on October 6, 2022, and Endrick made his professional debut as a second-half substitute.

The 16-year-old became Palmeiras’ youngest player at 16 years, two months, and sixteen days. A 3-1 win over Athletico Paranaense on October 25 made him the second youngest first-division goal scorer in history, behind only Toninho de Matos.

The Real Madrid club signed Endrick to a contract in December 2022 so he could join in July 2024. So far, he has received awards, including the 2022 Montaigu Tournament and the 2022 Campeonato Brasileiro Série, The Best Newcomer.

Thanks for joining us on the exciting journey through Endrick biography. We’ll keep you posted on more inspiring stories about your favorite athletes and public figures.

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