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Galtier accepts PSG are more balanced without Neymar but not necessarily better

Paris Saint-Germain boss Cristophe Galtier admits that his side might be more balanced without Neymar in their side but not stronger

Former France international Christophe Dugarry suggested that PSG without Neymar is actually a more balanced team and that Galtier should’ve dropped the Brazilian before his injury even.

Now PSG boss has gone on record, admitting that his side might be more balanced without Neymar. However, he didn’t concede that they’ll be necessarily better without him.

Galtier admits to PSG ‘flaws’

“I’ve read the debate around Neymar. It’s unfortunate for him and a handicap for the team,” Galtier said at Tuesday’s pre-match press conference.

“Look at his goals and assists this season. When I read that it could be a good thing for us, no! The player is seriously injured. 

“He’s always been professional since I’ve been here, though he did have a difficult period after the World Cup.

“Is the team better balanced? Yes. But is it better like that? Having Neymar in the squad is an additional asset for us to score goals.”

PSG are about to face Bayern Munich on Wednesday. The Germans managed a narrow 1-0 victory away from home and they are notoriously tough to defeat at home.

With all the talk surrounding Neymar, who will be out injured for the remainder of the season, even Bayern boss Nagelsmann weighed in on the matter.

Galtier was further prodded about his tactics and their defensive record. However, asked if his side are too open defensively to go all the way in the competition, Galtier said: “Every system has it flaws and its strong points.

“In the last few games we’ve conceded goals. We have to fix that and we are working on it together.

“We talk about this a lot. There are flaws with us, but also with our opponents. We need to make sure we’re vigilant and also daring in the way we attack.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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