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Liverpool’s elimination was already determined in the first leg – Van Dijk

Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk acknowledged that their elimination from the Champions League was finalized during their 1-0 loss to Real Madrid on Wednesday, admitting that the “harm had already been done in Liverpool.”

Van Dijk from Liverpool accepted that their elimination from the Champions League was confirmed in their 1-0 defeat against Real Madrid on Wednesday. He recognized that the damage was inflicted in Liverpool.

Liverpool made attempts at the Santiago Bernabeu but were unsuccessful in scoring and had to rely on their goalkeeper Alisson to keep them in the game.

In the end, Karim Benzema’s goal in the 78th minute secured a 1-0 victory for Los Blancos and a 6-2 overall triumph over Liverpool.

van Dijk bemoans Liverpool mistakes in the first leg

The Dutch said: “I think if I’m honest the first half was quite even. 

“It’s always going to be a very difficult task to come here and turn it all around. But you try not to look ahead, you try to win obviously.

“In my time at Liverpool with the games we’ve played against Real Madrid, I’ve never won against them. so it’s always something that we wanted to do, we wanted to win.

“I think we created some dangerous moments in the first half. They had a couple of shots from distance as well and obviously with the quality they have on the break, especially Benzema dropping in, Vinicius with the speed and obviously his quality. It could always be dangerous on the break. 

“It was tough. I think the damage was done in Liverpool and that’s the most disappointing thing.”

Liverpool’s captain admitted that Madrid’s composure during critical moments played a significant role in the outcome. He added: “I think you play against a team who never get fazed a little bit.

“Even when you put them under pressure, even if [they] have difficult moments, they try to stay calm. obviously, they have the players, if you look at [Luka] Modric, Benzema they’re difference-makers and especially when they’re under pressure.

“But still, I think in the first half we could have scored and it could be a totally different game. But today was definitely all about the small margins, and [in the] second half you try your absolute best and you just come too short.”

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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