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New Super League format boasts of the inclusion of 80 teams without any permanent members

18 months after its initial spectacularly disastrous launch, Super League is back with a new format

European Super League organizers will try to include up to 80 teams without any permanent members.

Super League to have several tiers

European Super League is back but with a new format as per their new manifesto published on Thursday.

The league will apparently have teams playing at least 14 matches per season. This would allow them to partake in their domestic leagues as well.

The Super League organizers, A22, have contacted 50 clubs since October. They claim the majority of clubs “share the assessment that the very foundation of European football is under threat, and it is time for change”.

A22 CEO Bernd Reichart has said: “Clubs bear all entrepreneurial risks but too often are forced to sit on the sidelines when key decisions are made, and they are watching their sporting and financial foundations crumble.

“Our discussions have made clear clubs are often unable to publicly speak up against a system where the threat of sanctions is used to stifle opposition.

Participating clubs should remain fully committed to domestic tournaments as they are today.

“Our dialogue has been honest, direct, and fruitful. There are clear conclusions about the need for change and the building blocks of how to achieve it.”

The feeling towards the league still seems to be negative as the likes of Javier Tebas still oppose it. However, the new manifesto states: “A European football league should be an open, multi-divisional competition with 60 to 80 teams, allowing for sustainable distribution of revenues across the pyramid.

“Participation should be based on annual sporting merit and there should be no permanent members.”

It adds: “Participating clubs should remain fully committed to domestic tournaments as they are today.

“At the same time, the critical need to strengthen and make more competitive domestic tournaments across the continent must be addressed.

“European competitions should play a pivotal role in helping to achieve this goal by generating and allocating additional resources throughout the system.”

The European Union’s Court of Justice (CJEU) will make a decision in the coming months. They would decide whether FIFA or UEFA could even freeze out such a league or the clubs participating in it.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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