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Sean Dyche hit out at the “slow-mo” VAR decision

Sean Dyche criticized the “slow-mo” VAR decision that led to Dominic Calvert-Lewin receiving a straight red card against Crystal Palace.

Clyne winced after a Calvert-Lewin tackle, catching the Palace defender’s shin with his studs. Referee Kavanagh, after a pitchside review, deemed it enough for Calvert-Lewin’s first-ever career red card. However, Sean Dyche remained unimpressed by the VAR intervention.

“I think slow-mo shows a different picture.” Sean Dyche told ITV Sport after FA Cup draw.

“If you are going to slow-mo things, then you are going to have to slow-mo the penalty on Beto or what could have been a penalty.

“Joachim Andersen has got his arms clearly around him, cupping his body. He goes down and it is not given.” Said Sean Dyche.

“So if you want to slow-mo everything, then you have got to slow-mo everything. You can’t just have it one for one and one for the other.

“At the end of it is minor contact. In live time, he doesn’t give everything, then you slow it down – and everything looks worse on slow-mo. We all know that.”

Sean Dyche mentioned Everton might appeal the red card and believed his team showed a decent performance given the circumstances.

“There is a lot of satisfaction.” the Everton boss said.

“I thought we were back up to the performance levels we have shown this season, particularly away from home. Even when we went down to 10, the mentality was good.”

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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