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Wrexham boss Parkinson overjoyed with Wrexham’s recent success

Wrexham’s success has been a source of joy for both coach Phil Parkinson and midfielder James Jones ever since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the club.

The Hollywood duo’s arrival has seen the team make history by securing a spot in League Two. In their first move as owners, they brought in the experienced Phil Parkinson as the coach, who has now completed two years at the club as of last Saturday. Both Parkinson and Jones are relishing the positive changes and accomplishments under the new ownership.

Phil Parkinson expressed his delight with the remarkable progress the club has made so far, and he is eagerly looking forward to embarking on a new journey in the English Football League.

The prospects are bright, and the club’s advancement to League Two has undoubtedly been a major milestone in its history. With Parkinson at the helm, there is optimism about the team’s potential to thrive in higher levels of competition.

Joining in the enthusiasm, midfielder James Jones is also optimistic about Wrexham’s future success. He has pledged hard work and dedication to helping the club achieve its goals. The collective determination of the players, staff, and the new owner is a testament to the exciting prospects for Wrexham in their footballing journey.

Wrexham’s boss and homeborn talent praise the great days they’re having under Hollywood ownership

Speaking to The Leader, coach Parkinson said, “It is amazing just how quick the two years have gone. So many memorable moments and talking points across the two years. It has been such an exciting journey to see the club evolve and the gradual improvements in the squad as we have gone along. I am pleased with a lot of the work which has gone on in building the squad to get it where it is today. Like everybody, I am so excited about going into an EFL season.

“It was a special season. Everybody knows – Wrexham fans more than anybody – how hard the National League is to get out of for many different reasons, obviously just the one automatic promotion place being the biggest challenge.

“The league presents its own challenges but we got the job done and now we are looking to continue building the club going forward. It is a huge step for the club to get back into the EFL. I feel there is a lot of growth in the club now and we are all working really hard behind the scenes to make sure the squad is ready, and to tackle the season ahead.”

Midfielder Jones too is looking forward to some exciting times with the club as he told The Leader, “It’s a good club to be at right now. Hopefully, we can keep that momentum going and that good feeling going. The whole city is behind us and we feel that as well. Everyone is hoping for more success.

“We all know what the plan is and where the club want to be in the next few years, so it is down to us as players and staff to try and deliver that because we know we are going to get the backing from the owners and the supporters if we keep giving them something to cheer about. It all goes hand in hand. Everything is set-up for success, is just actually delivering it.”

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Ethan Dempsey
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