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European Super League chief claims that 20 teams have already joined the breakaway competition

Anas Laghrari, the co-founder of A22 Sports Management, the organization behind the Super League project, asserted that 20 clubs have already given their approval to join the new competition if it materializes.

Despite facing widespread criticism from fans worldwide, A22 remains committed to bringing the Super League to fruition. A court ruling last month, indicating that FIFA and UEFA lacked the authority to penalize participating teams, has provided renewed hope for the project.

Laghrari disclosed that discussions have taken place with over 50 clubs, and they have garnered sufficient support to initiate the Super League project.

“I don’t want to say their names because I don’t want to expose them,” Laghrari told Ouest France. “Since December 21, we have spoken with around 50 different clubs. About 20 of them are very, very motivated by the project. We already have enough clubs to start a competition.

“We are very busy talking to different clubs, fan associations, players and people who are involved in football on a day-to-day basis. They all call us to better understand this project because, since it is possible and legal to propose an alternative, the participants want to work. We can work together to improve football.

Super League chiefs don’t want to charge money to watch the competition!

“A club that has already given its commitment, but that published a statement to position itself against it, told us: ‘It’s exactly the same as when you confirm a coach for the job and fire him in the following weeks…’.”

Laghrari emphasized that fans would not be required to pay for Super League games, assuring that there would be no cost. However, he mentioned that fans could opt for a monthly subscription priced at €10 (£8.50) to watch the games without any advertisements.

“Why pay €40, €50, €60 or €170, like in Spain, to be able to watch football when you can do it for free?” Laghrari said with reference to the group’s new Unify streaming platform.

“I have heard a lot that we are going to have one game per day that will be free, or it will be free for three months and then you will have to pay. No. All the games will be free and it will be that way forever.

“Gmail is free, WhatsApp is free, Instagram is free, and yet they generate a lot of money per user. Users in Rennes (Ouest France headquarters) don’t see the same advertising as someone here in Madrid.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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