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Toni Kroos proposes a perfect Germany return for Jurgen Klopp

Experienced German midfielder Toni Kroos expressed his desire to see Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp take charge of the German national team in the future.

Real Madrid legend Toni Kroos praised Klopp’s decision to step down from his role at Liverpool at the end of the current season.

The Real Madrid star mentioned that all German football fans, including himself, would like to witness Klopp managing the national team. Klopp announced last Friday that he would be leaving Liverpool in the summer of 2024.

Speaking on the Einfach mal Luppen podcast (via Marca), Kroos said, “Congratulations to whoever can sign Klopp now. You didn’t get the feeling that he seemed tired now. You didn’t realise that. A lot of people suggested it to him last year when they were going through a difficult time. Maybe a lot of people expected him to leave then. But he made a master move and said: I’ll fix it again and then I’ll stop.”

Kroos hopes to see Klopp at the helm of Die Mannschaft

He added, “What can you say to ‘Kloppo’? Although he has been working abroad for years, surveys would say that he is, by far, the most popular coach in Germany and I think the same can now be said in England. That means something. The recognition he got there is not even enough to describe what he did there. For all Liverpool and football fans, Jurgen Klopp is synonymous with a certain loyalty, especially dedication, love for the club and success. Now he is a legend in Germany, a legend in Liverpool and England.

“He deserves to make this decision alone, he is a very intelligent man who recognises the moments. If he believes that now is the time, then simply: chapeau. As German football fans, we can only hope that at some point we can convince him to play any role in Germany. This is what we have been looking forward to for many, many years.”

The 34-year-old midfielder, who retired from international football in 2021 following Germany’s early exit from Euro 2020, is now reportedly contemplating a return to the national team. This potential comeback is being considered in light of Germany hosting the Euro 2024 tournament.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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