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Irene Paredes Biography

Irene Paredes, a formidable presence in women’s football, is an athlete whose captivating journey transcends the boundaries of the pitch. Born with a passion for the beautiful game, she embarked on a remarkable trajectory that has seen her rise to the pinnacle of the sport. This article delves into the inspiring Irene Paredes biography, shedding light on the defining moments that have shaped her into the celebrated football icon she is today.

Hailing from Spain, Paredes’ footballing journey began at a young age, honing her skills in the local clubs of her hometown. Her unwavering determination and commitment to the sport propelled her to the national stage, where she made a name for herself as a promising talent with immense potential.

As a central defender known for her tactical acumen and resolute defending, Irene Paredes has graced some of the most renowned clubs in women’s football, leaving an indelible mark with her commanding presence on the field. Beyond her club successes, she has also represented her nation with distinction, proudly donning the colors of the Spanish national team in numerous international competitions.

This biography unravels the layers of Irene Paredes life story, providing insights into her triumphs, challenges, and the unyielding passion that fuels her love for the sport. From her early beginnings to her current status as a revered football star, Irene Paredes biography serves as a source of inspiration, exemplifying the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of greatness in the realm of women’s football.

Irene Paredes Biography – Everything to Know About Irene Paredes

Irene Paredes Biography - Everything to Know About Irene Paredes

Irene Paredes, a distinguished name in women’s football, is a Spanish central defender renowned for her unwavering commitment and formidable skills on the field. Born with a deep passion for the beautiful game, Paredes’ journey to success began at a young age, shaping her into the celebrated athlete she is today.

With an impressive career spanning top-tier clubs and international competitions, she has earned widespread recognition for her tactical acumen, resolute defending, and commanding presence on the pitch. As a key player for both her club and the Spanish national team, Paredes has consistently demonstrated her ability to lead and inspire those around her.

Beyond the accolades and victories, Irene Paredes biography is a testament to the dedication, resilience, and unwavering love for the sport that has made her an enduring icon in women’s football.

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Irene Paredes Information

Irene Paredes Information

In this part of Irene Paredes biography, Let’s take a closer look at the information about this football player and discover what sets him apart as one of the most extraordinary athletes in history.

  • Full Name: Irene Paredes Hernández
  • Nickname: Irene
  • Profession: Footballer

Physical Stats

  • Height: 177cm, 5ft 10in
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Weight: 62Kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 4 July 1991
  • Birth Place: Legazpi
  • Nationality: Spanish

Football Information

  • Position: Centre Back
  • Professional Debut: 2007
  • Jersey Number: 2

Irene Early Life

Irene Early Life

Irene Paredes, the illustrious Spanish central defender, was born on July 4, 1991, in Legazpi, Gipuzkoa, Spain. From a young age, Irene exhibited a profound love for football, setting her on a path of passion and dedication to the sport that would shape her future.

Growing up in the picturesque Basque Country, Irene’s early life was marked by her involvement in local clubs, where she honed her skills and showcased her innate talent as a defender. Her relentless drive to improve and her competitive spirit distinguished her even in her formative years, drawing attention to her potential as a rising star in the world of women’s football.

As she progressed through her youth career, Irene’s talents caught the eye of scouts and coaches, paving the way for her to join the renowned Athletic Club, Bilbao. There, she continued to flourish, solidifying her reputation as a defensive stalwart with an acute tactical understanding of the game.

Beyond her football pursuits, Irene’s early life was shaped by a supportive family who encouraged her athletic ambitions. Their unwavering backing and belief in her abilities provided the foundation for Irene’s remarkable journey to the top echelons of the sport.

Irene Paredes’ early life reflects the beginnings of an extraordinary footballing odyssey, marked by dedication, talent, and the unwavering support of those closest to her. Her early years laid the groundwork for a career that would see her become an esteemed figure in women’s football and a role model for aspiring athletes worldwide.

Irene Paredes biography chronicles her remarkable journey from a passionate young footballer in Spain to becoming a celebrated central defender and a prominent figure in the world of women’s football.

Irene Paredes Profile

Irene Paredes Profile

Irene Paredes real name is Irene Paredes Hernández. Irene Paredes Hernández, commonly known as Irene Paredes, is a prominent Spanish central defender in women’s football. Born on July 4, 1991, in Legazpi, Gipuzkoa, Spain, she developed an early love for the sport and embarked on a remarkable journey that would see her rise to prominence.

Standing out for her tactical acumen and defensive prowess, Irene’s career has been adorned with successes at both club and international levels. She has represented renowned clubs such as Athletic Club Bilbao, and Paris Saint-Germain, and now features for FC Barcelona Femení.

Internationally, Paredes has proudly worn the colors of the Spanish national team, contributing to their successes in various competitions. Her commanding presence on the field and leadership skills make her a vital asset to any team she represents.

Beyond her footballing achievements, Irene Paredes is admired for her sportsmanship, dedication, and ability to inspire others. With a glowing profile as a top-tier footballer and a genuine role model, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the global stage of women’s football.

Paredes Football Career

Paredes Football Career

Irene Paredes’ football club career is a testament to her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent as a central defender. Her journey began at the local side Zarautz, and she quickly rose to prominence after joining Real Sociedad, where she made her senior debut and showcased her defensive prowess.

In 2011, Paredes moved to Athletic Bilbao, spending five successful seasons that culminated in winning the Primera División title in 2015-2016. During her tenure, she also clinched three Copa Euskal Herria trophies, further cementing her reputation as a defensive stalwart.

Paris Saint-Germain beckoned in 2016, where she excelled, captaining the team and leading them to numerous achievements. She reached the UEFA Women’s Champions League final, and in 2021, she guided PSG to their first-ever league title, ending Lyon’s 14-year reign.

In 2021, Paredes joined FC Barcelona Femení, continuing her remarkable trajectory. She lifted the Supercopa de España Femenina trophy, scored crucial goals, and played a pivotal role in securing the Spanish league title. Additionally, Paredes tasted victory in the Copa de la Reina final and achieved a lifelong dream by winning the Women’s Champions League with Barcelona.

Throughout her football club career, Irene Paredes has exemplified leadership, skill, and perseverance, leaving an indelible mark on every team she represents. As a central defender with an illustrious career spanning multiple clubs and numerous accolades, she remains a revered figure in women’s football, inspiring fans and teammates alike with her determination and passion for the beautiful game.

International Career


She earned her first cap for the Spain national team in November 2011, making her initial steps on the international stage against Romania. Her talent and contributions were acknowledged when she was included in the 23-player squad for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 finals in Sweden, as confirmed by coach Ignacio Quereda in June 2013.

At the tournament, Paredes encountered both highs and lows, showcasing her abilities with a goal for. Spain but also enduring the disappointment of an unfortunate own goal during their 3–1 quarter-final defeat to Norway. Undeterred, she continued to impress, scoring her first official goal for Spain in a commanding. 6–0 win against Estonia in a. 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification match on 27 October 2013. Her performances earned her further call-ups, and she proudly represented Spain in subsequent FIFA Women’s World Cups, featuring prominently in both the. 2015 edition in Canada and the 2019 edition in France.

In March 2018, Paredes reached a significant milestone, marking her 50th appearance for Spain with a brilliant header that opened the scoring in a. 2–0 victory against the Czech Republic during the Cyprus Cup’s last group match.

Although she faced setbacks, such as being ruled out of the inaugural Arnold Clark Cup in . February 2022 due to a left thigh muscle tear, Paredes demonstrated her resilience and determination. After resigning from the national team, including stepping down from her captaincy role in. October 2022 amid disagreements with the RFEF over unfavorable conditions in the dressing room, she made a triumphant return to international football on 6 April 2023.

Displaying her unwavering commitment and skill, she played a crucial role in Spain’s 4–2 international friendly win against Norway, proving that her passion for representing her country remains undiminished.

Irene Parades Playing Style

Irene Parades Playing Style

Paredes’ defensive prowess is complemented by her ability to read the game with remarkable intelligence, allowing her to anticipate opponents’ movements and intercept passes effectively. Her positioning and decision-making on the pitch are exemplary, providing stability to the backline and organizing the defensive unit seamlessly.

In possession, Paredes showcases her technical proficiency, displaying confidence when distributing the ball from the back. Her accurate passing and ability to initiate attacks from deep positions. Are key assets that contribute to her team’s buildup play. Furthermore, she is not afraid to take on dribbles when necessary, showcasing her confidence in maintaining possession under pressure.

Irene Reception

Irene Reception

Irene Paredes’ contributions to women’s football have been widely acknowledged and celebrated, earning her immense respect and admiration from fans, peers, and experts alike. Her commanding performances on the field, coupled with her unwavering dedication to the sport, have made her a beloved figure among football enthusiasts.

Irene Paredes Honors


Irene Paredes’ illustrious football career is adorned with a multitude of honors and accolades, showcasing her exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey to success began with Athletic Bilbao, where she played an instrumental role in securing the. Primera División title during the 2015-2016 season, leaving an indelible mark on the club’s history.

Her time at Paris Saint-Germain was equally distinguished, as she contributed significantly to the club’s triumph in the. Division 1 Féminine during the 2020-2021 season. Additionally, Paredes helped PSG secure the Coupe de France Féminine trophy during the. 2017-2018 campaign, further cementing her reputation as a formidable defender.

At Barcelona, Paredes continued her remarkable run of success, playing a pivotal role in the team’s consecutive. Primera División triumphs during the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons. She showcased her defensive prowess and leadership abilities during Barcelona’s historic UEFA Women’s Champions League victory in the. 2022-2023 season, further solidifying her status as a legendary figure in women’s football.

In the international arena, Paredes has been a valuable asset to the. Spanish national team, contributing to their triumphs in prestigious tournaments like the. Algarve Cup in 2017 and the Cyprus Cup in 2018. Her consistent and stellar performances earned her recognition as the Best. Player in the Algarve Cup and a spot in the FIFA FIFPro World XI in 2017.

Furthermore, Paredes’ exceptional displays in the UEFA Women’s. Champions League earned her a place in the Squad of the Season in both the 2020-2021 and 2022-2023 editions. She also received the prestigious UEFA Women’s Champions League. Defender of the Season award in the 2020-2021 campaign, showcasing her outstanding abilities in defense.

Outside Professional life

Outside Professional life

Outside of her illustrious professional career, Irene Paredes embraces a fulfilling and joyous personal life. Irene Parades’s GF former Spain hockey player. Lucía Ybarra, further adding a sense of happiness and companionship to her everyday experiences. During her time at PSG, the couple resided together in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, creating a warm and supportive home environment.

In April 2021, Paredes and. Ybarra joyfully announced that they were expecting their first child, bringing even more excitement and anticipation to their lives. On 13 September of the same year. Paredes shared the wonderful news of their son Mateo’s arrival through a heartwarming Instagram post. The birth of their child marked a significant milestone in their journey together as a family.

Paredes’ dedication to her personal life is equally evident in her commitment to her role as a mother. In light of her forthcoming childbirth, she proactively requested coach. Jorge Vilda not to summon her to the national squad for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification. This thoughtful decision demonstrates her prioritization of family and highlights the love and devotion she has for her growing family.

Irene Paredes’ ability to strike a harmonious balance between her professional and personal life showcases her resilience. Adaptability, and genuine appreciation for the joys of everyday living. Her commitment to nurturing relationships and cherishing the moments with her loved ones outside the pitch complements. Her remarkable achievements on the field, making her an inspiration both as a player and as a devoted partner and mother.

Irene Paredes biography is a captivating tale of triumph, dedication, and excellence on and off the football pitch.

Irene Paredes Stats

Irene Paredes Stats

Irene Paredes’ football career is marked by her consistent and impactful performances across various clubs and on the international stage. With an impressive total of 49 appearances for Barcelona, she has proven to be a reliable and steadfast presence in their defensive lineup. Her goal-scoring contributions for the club stand at six, showcasing her versatility and ability to make her mark both in defense and during set-piece situations.

During her time at PSG, Paredes continued to excel, featuring in 85 matches for the French side. Her goal tally of 13 underscores her proficiency as a defender who can also pose a threat in the opposition’s box during dead-ball situations or with well-timed surges forward.

On the international front, Paredes’ dedication and commitment to representing. Spain shine through with her remarkable record of 90 appearances for the national team. Her 11 goals for. Spain further demonstrate her proficiency in the attacking third, adding an extra dimension to her contributions as a defender.

Throughout her career, Irene Paredes has consistently demonstrated her defensive prowess and her ability to score crucial goals. Her impressive stats not only speak to her individual skill but also highlight her immense value to her teams. As a formidable presence in the backline and a reliable goal-scoring option. Paredes remains a vital asset for both Barcelona and PSG, as well as a dependable pillar for the. Spanish national team. Her all-around contributions have solidified her reputation as one of the top defenders in women’s football today.

Thanks for joining us on the exciting journey through Irene Paredes biography! Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of your favorite athletes and public figures.

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