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Alisson Becker Biography

A Brazilian star who became famous all over the world. Alisson, who won the Champions League, has shown that it’s possible to achieve dreams, so in this article, you will read Alisson Becker biography.

He has experience with some of Europe’s best teams. Alisson has some unique qualities that make him a great GK. He has won the competition to be Brazil’s first-team player, benching Ederson. There is more to know about Alisson Becker life story, so reading about his journey might be a good idea.

Everything About Alisson Becker Biography

Everything to know about Alisson Becker biography is in the Footbalium. Let’s start and step into his inspirational world.

Alisson Becker’s Early Life

Alisson Becker’s Early Life
Credit: Alisson Becker’s Early Life

Alisson Becker real name is Alisson Ramses Becker. Alisson Becker was born on October 2, 1992 in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul. Goalkeeping is almost a tradition in the Becker family. In the 1940s, Alisson’s great-grandfather was a goalkeeper, and his mother played handball. Alisson’s dad, Jose Agostinho, died on February 24, 2021, after falling into a lake in Lavras do Sul. Authorities have concluded that no crime was involved.

The father used to play in the same spot when he played with friends, and, as if to keep the family tradition going, the brother of the Liverpool number also was a goalkeeper.

Alisson Becker has German blood in his veins, although he was born with the ‘gingham’, that kind of cadence with which the Brazilians explain the fine ability to control the ball and dribble without taking it off his boots, and is a big part of Alisson Becker biography.

Alisson Becker’s Early Life
Credit: ESPN Brasil

Alisson Becker arrived at Inter Porto Alegre at the age of 10. His football progress was evident, but there was something that worried him. When he started, he matured slower than the other boys, which made him shorter and heavier than the rest. At the beginning of 2013, when he was 21 years old, he was already a regular starter for Internacional.

Alisson Becker’s Statistics

Alisson Becker’s Statistics
Credit: Okdiario

Alisson Becker is a goalkeeper for Liverpool in the Premier League, as well as the Brazilian national team. He is highly regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He’s been a football enthusiast since he was a child, and his knowledge of the game is truly unique.

Alisson Becker is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world because of his clever and energetic style of play. In this article, looking closely, we can see why Alisson Becker stats are the best.

Playing Career

Playing for Internacional was a turning point in Alisson Becker biography. Alisson joined the youth team at the Brazilian club Internacional when he was just ten years old. The goalkeeper had a successful youth career. In 2013, Becker played his first game in the league against Goias.

The game ended in a 3-3 tie. In his last season with Internacional, Alisson played in 57 games. He then signed a pre-contract with Roma, an Italian club, for a five-year deal worth an estimated €8 million.

Alisson Becker's Playing Career
Credit: The Sun

Alisson won the Campeonato Gaucho in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 with Internacional. Becker moved from Brazil’s Serie A to Italy’s Serie A to play for Roma, hoping to build on his early success. Alisson thought about leaving Roma to play for a better team. In 2016/17, he made 15 appearances, but none were in the league.

Alisson took over as the starting goalkeeper when Szczesny went to Juventus at the start of the 2017/18 season. Alisson Becker stats in 2018 were great as he led the Roma team to the semi-finals of the Champions League. During his career, the Brazilian kept 22 clean sheets, 17 in the league and 5 in the Champions League.

Moving to Anfield

Alisson was the most expensive goalkeeper in the world when Liverpool bought him for €75 million in July 2018. Liverpool went to 20 games without losing while trying to win their first Premier League title with Alisson in goal. But Manchester City won in the end, and Liverpool came in second.

The Brazilian couldn’t help his team win the league title, but he was a big reason why Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the Champions League final. Liverpool was where he won his first big trophy.

Alisson Becker's Playing Career
Credit: Theweasle

Alisson played in the Premier League for the first time in the 2018–19 season. He made a big impression by keeping 21 clean sheets. Since Pepe Reina in 2006, this was the most by a goalie in the league. The following season, 2019–20, Alisson won the Premier League title with Liverpool ahead of Manchester City.

The 2020/21 season was hard all around, and Liverpool’s attempt to defend their title failed. Alisson saved his first penalty for the team in the second league game, which was a 2-0 win at Chelsea. When he hurt his shoulder and hip, he had to sit out for a short time each time. He lost his father in an accident, and because of Covid rules, he couldn’t go back to his hometown for the funeral.

Alisson Becker International Career with Brazil, Alisson Becker Biography
Credit: The Players’ Tribune

In 2021/22, Alisson did well again, and Liverpool came close to a Quadruple, which had never happened before. In the FA Cup final against Chelsea, he stopped Mason Mount’s penalty kick, which let Kostas Tsmikas score the winning kick. He is still among the best GK in the Premier League (2023).

International Career with Brazil

Alisson’s first game with the senior team was in 2015, when he helped Brazil beat Venezuela 3-1. He had been on Brazil’s U-17 and U-20 teams before. Alisson was one of Brazil’s final 23 players for Copa America in 2016 and 2021, the World Cup in Russia in 2018, and the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

Alisson was Brazil’s goalkeeper at the 2019 Copa America. During the whole tournament, he let only one goal in, which helped the team win and win the tournament.

Alisson Becker’s Playing Style

Alisson Becker’s Playing Style

We dedicate this part of Alisson Becker biography to his playing style. Alisson is a great goalkeeper who also has a lot of technical skill with his feet. His great reactions and goalkeeping skills help him make important contributions to goals all the time.

With his huge size, he makes the space through which his opponent can score as small as possible. However, he usually dives with his hands instead of his feet to make saves. He stays standing straight for as long as he can before diving to his left or right and pushing the ball away as hard as possible.

As a forward gets closer to his goal, he makes himself as big as possible and makes sure there is no space between his legs that the forward can use to beat him. This is when he is most effective.

Alisson Becker’s Legacy

Alisson Becker’s Legacy

This section of Alisson Becker biography is all about a huge impact. Based on how he affected Roma and their results, the Brazilian number one was thought to be the best player in Serie A and the best at his position.

Alisson is not the kind of footballer who lives on the edge of danger. Instead, he is a reliable professional who has earned the respect of every team he has played for. Most of these are because he chose to keep playing football, not create controversy.

Alisson almost quit football when he was in the Internacional academy because he wasn’t built like a goalkeeper. Because he ate too much junk food, he gained a lot of weight and was short for his age.

During his career, he got tired of living in Roma and thought about leaving. But you know what’s important? Do not give up on your dreams and push them to the end. Alisson did this, and just for the sake of not giving up, he deserves a lot of respect and owns a legacy just for him.

Alisson Becker’s Family

Alisson Becker’s Family

It won’t be a complete Alisson Becker biography if we don’t talk about Alisson Becker’s children and wife. Alisson and Natalia Loewe met in 2012 and got married in 2015, right before their daughter Helena was born. Natalia met Alisson when he played for Internacional. At the time, she was in school to become a doctor.

The Brazilian babe didn’t just give up and become a WAG. Instead, she worked hard to become a doctor, which made her partner very happy. But Natalia’s choice to move from Rome to Liverpool was not an easy one, especially since she had a one-year-old child.

Alisson Becker’s Family

But Larissa Pereira, the wife of Roberto Firmino, told her it would be easy for the family to move to Merseyside. Helena, Matteo, and Rafael are the names of their three children. From what can be seen, it seems like Natalia Loewe, Alisson Becker’s wife, likes being famous and getting too much attention on Instagram. When they have free time, the couple likes to spend it with their kids.

Alisson Becker’s Honors

Alisson Becker’s Honors
Credit: ESPN

Becker is thought to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now. Since he moved to Liverpool from Roma, he has been a huge hit at Anfield. The goalkeeper won the Champions League, the European Super Cup, and the FIFA World Club Cup with Liverpool. He also won the Copa America with Brazil.

Alisson also won several individual awards, including the first Yashine Trophy, which is like the Ballon d’Or for goalkeepers, the FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year award, the Champions League Goalkeeper of the Season award, and the Premier League Golden Gloves award. Here is the complete list of Alisson Becker’s honors:


  • Campeonato Gaucho: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


  • Premier League: 2019/20
  • FA Cup: 2021/22
  • EFL Cup: 2021/22
  • UEFA Champions League: 2018/19
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2019


  • Toulon Tournament with Brazil U-23: 2013
  • Copa America: 2019

Individual Honors

  • The Best FIFA Goalkeeper: 2019
  • Yashin Trophy: 2019
  • IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper: 2019
  • UEFA Champions League Goalkeeper of the Season: 2018/19
  • Premier League Golden Glove: 2018/19, 2021/22
  • FIFA FIFPro World11: 2019, 2020
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017/18, 2018/19
  • Serie A Goalkeeper of the Year: 2017/18
  • Serie A Team of the Year: 2017/18
  • Globe Soccer Awards Best Goalkeeper of the Year: 2018, 2019
  • Copa América Golden Glove: 2019
  • Copa América Team of the Tournament: 2019
  • IFFHS Men’s World Team: 2019
  • Samba Gold: 2019
  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2019
  • Liverpool Goal of the Season: 2020/21
  • PFA Team of the Year: 2021/22 Premier League

Alisson Becker’s Life Outside of Football

Alisson Becker’s Life Outside of Football
Credit: Natali Becker Instagram

Alisson Becker biography is getting interesting with his life outside of football. Allison is such a nice person as he’s involved in charity. He is a goodwill ambassador for health promotion for the World Health Organization (WHO). Alisson also makes music in his free time, and he’s good at it. He knows a lot about music and how to play the guitar. On his Instagram, you can watch videos of him playing guitar and singing. Alisson likes music, which is not a secret. The goalie is often seen with his guitar.

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