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Kathrin Hendrich Biography

Dive into the inspiring Kathrin Hendrich biography of a talented German girl who became a football legend.

From her early years on backyard fields to the roar of packed stadiums, Kathrin Hendrich is a name synonymous with resilience and raw talent on the football pitch.

Her life story, a tapestry woven with unwavering determination and a burning passion for the beautiful game, has taken her from the youthful promise of the national youth teams to the hallowed turf alongside the world’s best.

So, buckle up, football fans, as we delve into the inspiring story of this German footballing force, revealing the moments that shaped her remarkable career and the legacy she continues to forge on the biggest stages.

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Everything to Know about Kathrin Hendrich Biography

Everything to Know about Kathrin Hendrich Biography

Kathrin Hendrich real name is Kathrin Julia Hendrich. Let’s learn some more facts about her life.

Kathrin Hendrich Information

  • Full Name: Kathrin Julia Hendrich
  • Nickname: Kathy
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Social Handle: @kathy_hendrich

Physical Stats

  • Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Weight: 54 kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 6 April 1992
  • Birth Place: Eupen, Belgium
  • Nationality: German-Belgian

Football Information

  • Position: Defender
  • Professional Debut: 2009
  • Jersey Number: 4

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Kathrin Hendrich Biography: Family & Early Life

Kathrin Hendrich family background had a significant impact on her footballer career. Let’s review her early years to see how she could become a soccer player.

Birth and Parents

Kathrin Hendrich was born on 6 April 1992 in Eupen, Belgium. She is the daughter of a German teacher and a Belgian nurse, who met in Germany and moved to Belgium before she was born.

Kathy has dual citizenship in Germany and Belgium. She also has a younger brother named Kevin, who also plays football.

Education and Languages


Kathrin Hendrich attended the German-speaking school in Eupen until the age of 14. She was a good student and enjoyed learning languages.

She speaks German, French, English, and Dutch fluently. Kathy later moved to Germany to pursue her football career and education. She studied sports management at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz.

Football Passion and Talent

Kathrin Hendrich loved playing football since she was a kid. She was very talented and hard-working. Hendrich started her career at FC Eupen, the same club where her brother plays now. She got a chance to join the U-15 national team when she was only 14 years old.

Her first game was on 11 April 2007. She and her teammates played against England in Buckinghamshire. They played very well and won the game 2-0. 

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Credit: Wikipedia

Kathrin Hendrich is a German-Belgian footballer who plays as a central defender or defensive midfielder for VfL Wolfsburg and the German national team. She is one of the best players in her position and has much experience and achievements.

Kath has won several titles and awards in her club and international career, including the UEFA Women’s Champions League, the Bundesliga, and the U19 European Championship. She is known for her versatility, leadership, and passion for the game. She is a valuable member of both her club and national team.

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Football Career


In this section of Kathrin Hendrich biography, we will discuss her stats in her clubs.

The Kickoff: Early Years and First Goals

Hendrich’s journey into football began at the tender age of seven. Her first experience was with FC Eupen 1963, a club located in her hometown. After honing her skills there for four years, she made a move to FC Teutonia Weiden in the summer of 2003.

The 2009/10 season marked a significant change in her career. She decided to leave the club from Würselen and joined Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

This move proved to be fruitful as Leverkusen achieved promotion to the Bundesliga that very season. Hendrich’s Bundesliga debut came on August 15, 2010, during the 1st matchday. However, it was a tough start as they faced a 0-9 defeat against FCR 2001 Duisburg.

Hendrich’s first Bundesliga goal came on September 25, 2011, in a game against 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig.

She scored the match’s opening goal, marking a significant milestone in her career. Hendrich’s versatility on the field is notable, as she can effectively play as a central defender or a defensive midfielder.

A New Chapter: The Frankfurt Era

Everything to Know about Kathrin Hendrich stats

On February 13, 2014, Hendrich publicly announced her move to 1. FFC Frankfurt for the 2014/15 season.

She signed a contract with them that was valid until June 30, 2016. This move led to one of the highlights of her career when she won the UEFA Women’s Champions League final on May 14, 2015, with Frankfurt.

The Bavarian Adventure: Joining Bayern Munich

The 2018/19 season saw Hendrich signing with FC Bayern Munich. She debuted for the club on September 23, 2018, during the 2nd matchday.

The team secured a 4-0 win at home against MSV Duisburg. Hendrich scored her first Bundesliga goal for Bayern Munich on December 2, 2018, during the 10th matchday in an away game at SC Freiburg. Her goal in the 17th minute equalized the score.

The Wolf’s Call: Moving to VfL Wolfsburg

In the 2020/21 season, Hendrich made another significant move. She was signed by VfL Wolfsburg, the league rivals and reigning German champions. She was given a contract that runs until June 30, 2022, marking the next chapter in her illustrious career.

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International Career

In this part of Kathrin Hendrich biography, we’ll look at her apps in her own country’s national team.

Everything to Know about Kathrin Hendrich life story

Starting Youth Years

From her first scrapes on backyard fields to the roar of packed stadiums, football was etched in Kathrin Hendrich’s DNA. Talent bloomed early, and at just 14, she found herself donning the green and gold of the U-15 national team.

Her debut, an April baptism of fire against England, saw her team triumph 2-0. This was just the beginning. Hendrich, a whirlwind of skill and passion, soared through the years, scoring her first (and only) junior goal in a 7-0 demolition of Norway and lifting the Nordic Cup under the summer sun.

Rising to Top

The U-19s called next, and Hendrich answered with unwavering determination. They battled in Macedonia, reaching the Euro semi-finals before succumbing to France. But Hendrich was undeterred.

The following year, they were an unstoppable force in Italy, claiming victory against Norway in a glorious 8-1 final. The trophy held aloft with her teammates was a testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence.

The U-20s beckoned, and Hendrich, seasoned and robust, took on the World Cup in Japan. They were a fortress, impenetrable until the very last hurdle. The USA snatched the crown in a heartbreaking final, but Hendrich and her team, silver around their necks, had etched their names in history.

First Call-Up

Stats of Kathy

Finally, in 2014, the senior national team came calling, making a significant moment in Kathy’s life story. The prestigious Algarve Cup in Portugal awaited, and Hendrich, nervous but resolute, made her debut against Iceland. She stepped onto the field alongside the world’s best and knew this was only the beginning.

The 2017 Euros beckoned, a continental clash under Dutch skies. Their sights were set on the crown, but Denmark proved a formidable foe, dashing their hopes in the quarter-finals. Hendrich, frustrated but wiser, carried the lessons learned.

The 2019 World Cup, football’s grandest stage, saw Hendrich witness history from the sidelines. The game, played on French soil, ended in a heartbreaking quarter-final defeat to Sweden. Though not on the pitch, she was the unwavering rock, the silent cheerleader, her eyes fixed on a brighter future.

Making History


The 2022 Euros, another chapter in European football’s saga, found Hendrich a regular in the green and gold. In Wembley’s roaring cauldron, they faced England in a historic final. Though defeat snatched the title, Hendrich, heartbroken but proud, knew they had made history.

Kathrin Hendrich’s journey is a tapestry woven with grit, resilience, and an unyielding love for the beautiful game. From the early bloom of talent to the roar of packed stadiums, she has left an indelible mark on the world of football, her story an inspiration for future generations.

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Playing Style

Playing Style of Kathy
Credit: The IG account of Kathy

Kathrin Hendrich isn’t just a player who stops goals; she’s like a superhero on the field! She sees attacks coming before they even happen like she has superpowers.

She takes the ball away when attackers get close with clean, smooth moves, never needing to be rough. Even when things get crazy, she stays calm and cool, telling her teammates what to do like a wise leader.

But she’s also strong in the air, heading balls away like a giant wall. And if the coach needs her to play in a different spot, no problem! She can do it all. That’s what makes her so unique; she can fit in anywhere and make the team stronger.

So next time you see Kathrin Hendrich playing, remember she’s not just a defender; she’s a super defender! Her brain, skills, and calm head make her one of the best in the world!

This keeps the essence of Hendrich’s style while using simpler words and grammar, making it suitable for a broader audience. Feel free to adjust the language to match your specific tone and writing style!

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Kathrin Hendrich Biography: Awards & Honors

Kathrin Hendrich Biography: Awards & Honors
Credit: The IG account of Kathy

Let’s review Kathrin Hendrich stats and achievements during her journey:

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

  • Champion 2nd Bundesliga: 2010

1. FFC Frankfurt

  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: 2014–15

VfL Wolfsburg

  • German Champion: 2022
  • DFB Cup: 2021, 2022, 2023


  • UEFA Women’s Championship runner-up: 2022
  • Algarve Cup: 2014
  • Olympic Gold: 2016


  • UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship: 2011


  • FIFA U-20 World Cup: runners-up 2012

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Outside Professional Life

Outside Professional Life of Kathy
Credit: The IG account of Kathy

Here is the last chapter of Kathrin Hendrich biography about her personal life and relationships.

Kathrin Hendrich is in a loving and long-term relationship with Sebastian Griesbeck, who is also a professional footballer. They met in Germany and started dating in April 2018. They share a love and passion for football and support each other’s careers.

The Couple also travel and spend quality time together. They often post photos of themselves on social media, wishing each other happy birthdays and Valentine’s Day and celebrating their achievements. They have been together for four years, and their love is as strong as ever.

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