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Gabriel Martinelli Biography

Gunners have set off fireworks. They have recorded 2.4 goals per game in the Premier League so far this season. Arsenal have sat at the top of the Premier League table for months, and it has been twenty years since the North London guys won the title.

The Gunners have beaten Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United so far and must face Manchester City soon. The match will (probably) determine the fate of the champion. And Gabriel Martinelli is Arsenal’s top scorer. This article is about him. You’re in the Gabriel Martinelli biography.

Statistics show that 14 Arsenal players have scored goals this season. And Gabriel Martinelli, with 14 goals, had the most share of it. Below him are Bukayo Saka with 12 and Martin Odegaard with 10. Arsenal is the only team in the league whose three players have reached the record of +10 goals. Every attack has the sign and smell of a goal. Gabriel Martinelli’s legs are the most dangerous thing in England these days.

He wears Arsenal’s Number 11. What do you know about him? How did this 21-year-old Brazilian make his way to North London? What you will read is an answer to that question. Join us in the Gabriel Martinelli biography as we take a look at his life story, his journey, stats and highlights of his career, details of his personal life, his family and girlfriend, and all about him. Head over to learn everything about Gabriel Martinelli.

Gabriel Martinelli Biography

Gabriel Martinelli was born on June 18, 2001, in Guarulhos, Brazil. Guarulhos is a city in the state of São Paulo. With more than one million people, it is the 13th most populous city in the country. Guarulhos is geographically located in the southeast of Brazil.

The most famous football player that came from this city before Martinelli was Cristiano Marques Gomes, the former defender of Lyon, who spent eight years in the French team. Of course, Martinelli’s fame cannot be compared to Chris’s. In fact, Gabriel Martinelli is not only the most famous footballer to have raised his head from the Guarulhos but also the most famous person in the history of the city.

Gabriel Martinelli real name is Gabriel Teodro Martinelli Silva. Regarding Gabriel Martinelli’s family, it must be said that he, like most Brazilian footballers, grew up in a poor family. His father, Joao Martinelli, was a laboring man with Italian roots who worked hard to provide for his family. Gabriel grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Guarulhos.

But can’t say he was miserable. He had the football, and he was happy. No one could look into the passionate eyes and pure smile of that barefoot child on the dirty ground chasing the ball, and say that this boy is a miserable child.

But football didn’t only bring happiness to Martinelli, but it also brought money for him and his family. As you probably know, it is no longer possible to consider Gabriel Martinelli’s family a poor one. He is the top scorer of one of the top football clubs in Europe.

Let’s start the Gabriel Martinelli biography by describing the starting point of his football career.

Corinthians: Start with Futsal

credit: Globo Sporte

Gabriel Martinelli showed a unique talent at the Guarulhos slums, joining the Corinthians Academy very soon at the age of nine. But not the football academy but the futsal. Gabi spent two years in futsal, and then he was transferred to the Corinthian youth football team. Martinlli’s experience in futsal has led him to acquire special skills in ball control and quick footwork.

He studied at Corinthians Football Academy for three years and then joined the Ituano in 2015. Joining the club was a great opportunity for Gabi to make his way to European football. Smart decision for a 14-year-old boy, isn’t it so?

Ituano: a boy from Sao Paulo

Gabriel Martinelli joined the Ituano youth team in 2015. He joined the main team two years later and played his first match at the senior level on March 17, 2017, against São Bento. Gabi entered the game as a substitute, when he was just sixteen years old.

This would have made him the youngest Ituano player in the 21 century. Martinelli became his club’s top scorer in the Sao Paulo State League the following year, helping the team reach the quarterfinals of the competition.

It was a turning point in Gabriel Martinelli life story. He would now be named as one of the region’s top talent. Roberto Carlos, Neymar, and Casemiro were the greatest footballers in the history of the state, and now Gabriel Martinelli also wanted to step in their shoes.

Arsenal: Talent of the Century

Gabriel Martinelli Biography
credit: getty images

Well! Gabriel Martinelli biography reached its charming part. On the second day of July 2019, Gabriel Martinelli was transferred to Arsenal for seven million euros. He was eighteen and was initially supposed to play for the U-21 team. But his impressive performance in pre-season training made Gabi’s way to the main team.

He made his Premier League debut against Newcastle on the 11th of August 2019. Although he only played six minutes, he knew he was not far away from becoming an Arsenal starting player.

Martinelli scored two goals in his first game as a starting lineup. The match took place on 24 September in the EFL Cup against Nottingham Forest, and Gabi’s brilliance has given the Brazilian youngster more chance to play for the rest of the season. Martinelli was in the starting lineup in 6 Premier League matches until the end of the campaign, and managed to score in half of them.

The highlight of his performance this season was scoring against Chelsea. And, of course, his brilliance in the EFL Cup fourth-round match against Liverpool in which Gabi scored two goals. Liverpool’s head coach Jurgen Klopp said after the game:

“He’s only eighteen years old, and I have to say he’s the talent of the century. He is an indredible striker. It was very hard for us to deal with him. Arsenal was in a counter-attacking mood, and with a quick and dangerous player like Martinelli, we had to prepare ourselves for a dangerous counter-attack whenever we lost the ball.”

2020/21 season: a Nightmare

In his first season at Arsenal, Gabi scored 10 goals in all competitions, while he was given very few chances to play. Gabriel Martinelli stats promised he would be a star for the Gunners next season. But the injury he suffered in pre-season training has dashed all hopes.

Gabi underwent surgery on his knee and missed thirteen Premier League games at the start of the season. He had just returned when he got injured again. This time his ankle was injured, and the unlucky Brazilian was again out for over a month. These injuries and absentees from training have caused Martinelli to lose his good form.

Once he recovered, he had to spend some time on the bench until he was fully fit again. He made it to the starting lineup in just seven league games this season, scoring two goals in all competitions at the end of the campaign. But the next season had a different story for him.

2021/22: a Sensational Valley

credit: getty images

Martinelli has been placed in the Gunners’ starting lineup in 21 games for the 2021/22 season. He recorded 6 goals and 6 assists at the end of the campaign. His valley goal against Newcastle was one of the most beautiful goals of the Premier League season. He got his place in Arsenal’s lineup. The Gunners are delighted to have Gabriel Martinelli in ideal form in the 2022/23 crucial season. The season started with Gabi scoring in the first match.

2022/23 Season: Title Dream

Gabriel Martinelli has played in all 30 Premier League games for the Gunners so far this season. He stands in fifth place in the Premier League top scorers table. Only eight games remain, and these eight games will determine the name of the league champions. Each of these games is crucial for Arsenal, and Gabriel Martinelli will play in all of them if the sinister raven of injury does not sit on his shoulder again.

International Career

Gabriel Martinelli Biography
credit: getty images

Although Gabi’s international career is not yet so significant, it’s still necessary to briefly mention his performance in Selesao’s shirt in this Gabriel Martinelli biography.

Gabriel Martinelli was part of Brazil’s squad for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. He played for Brazil in two group-stage matches and in the semi-final, but was benched in the final match. However, he managed to wear the Olympic gold medal at the end of the game.

Martinelli’s international debut was played on March 25, 2022, against Chile. He then played 5 more matches at the senior level, including three matches in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Gabi has not yet scored a goal in Brazil’s shirt. Although he is not yet 21, and no doubt many more goals to come.

Martinelli is currently the fourth most valuable Brazilian footballer in the world after Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and Gabriel Jesús, according to Transfermarkt.

Gabriel Martinelli’s Girlfriend

Let’s finish the Gabriel Martinelli biography by reviewing his love stories.

Gabriel Martinelli had a friend since his childhood named Rachel Akemy. This friend later became her lover, and the relationship continued even after Gabi moved to Europe. Gabi even proposed to Rachel, and the proposal was accepted. But it was not clear what happened that this long-term relationship suddenly collapsed. They separated in 2021.

Gabi then got into a relationship with another young Brazilian girl named Isabelle Rousso. Isabella Rousso, born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, is 21 years old, like her boyfriend. She’s a medical student with blonde hair and blue eyes. Thanks to her famous boyfriend, Isabella Rousso now has about two hundred thousand followers on Instagram. You can see many photos of Gabriel Martinelli’s girlfriend on her Instagram page. She is so beautiful.

Gabi is still very young, and the vast majority of his life story has not been written yet. But what you read was Gabriel Martinelli biography to date. Sincere thanks for your company until the end of the article.

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