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Interesting facts about Joao Cancelo

No matter how complete a biography is, there will always be room left for some more information, which we will present to you with interesting facts about Joao Cancelo.

A while ago, we talked about Joao Cancelo biography, but there were a few topics we failed to talk about. This article about Interesting facts about Joao Cancelo will be the perfect place to cover those topics one by one.

Events throughout Joao’s life ultimately shaped him into the person he is today. Sometimes you need to be motivated by sad situations rather than happy ones. That is why this article may have a few fun facts about Joao Cancelo. We don’t want to make this article depressing, but certain tragic stories need to be shared again.

So, today’s topic will be a player with great offensive abilities. Joao Cancelo is a gifted athlete who excels for Bayern Munich (on loan from Man City).

Top interesting facts about Joao Cancelo that you must know

Top interesting facts about Joao Cancelo that you must know

We have to mention that our primary goal is to unveil Joao Cancelo unknown facts since famous people tend to hide some facts from the cameras.

So without further ado, let’s hop into the article and learn these interesting facts about Joao Cancelo.

Joao Cancelo quick facts

Joao Cancelo quick facts
Credit: Football-espana

In this section of interesting facts about Joao Cancelo, we aim to provide you with several quick facts that would familiarize you with this champion of ours. First, let us take a look at his most basic facts.

  • Full name: João Pedro Cavaco Cancelo
  • Birth date: 27 May 1994
  • Nationality: Portuguese

An athlete’s body size and measurements are the most important aspects that determine his physical attributes. Thus, we deem it necessary for you to know Joao Cancelo’s physical statistics.

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 66 kg
  • Preferred foot: Right

Finally, here is his football information, although these might change since talented players tend to jump in between flight clubs and leagues.

  • Current team: Bayern Munich (on loan)
  • Position: Full-back, wing-back
  • Jersey number: 22

Let’s move on to the next part of interesting facts about Joao Cancelo and explore real, lesser-known facts about this player.

Pep Guardiola loved Joao Cancelo

Pep Guardiola loved Joao Cancelo
Credit: The Sun

One of the interesting facts about Joao Cancelo is that Pep Guardiola liked him very much.

While many think that Pep ruled the player out of Manchester City due to the player’s poor performance in the team, tactical adjustments were the actual reason behind this transfer. Pep often stated that he loves Joao Cancelo and praised him on numerous events. Pep Guardiola noted his exceptional ability to defend and take the ball out of tight positions.

Joao Cancelo’s loan move to Bayern Munich was allegedly motivated by tactical adjustments made to the Manchester City team, according to Pep Guardiola.

Cancelo’s disappointment made him uncomfortable on the benches and forced him to look for a way out of his position.

Pep commented on the situation:

“Everyone has his character. He loves to play, he trains the best, and in this situation, he didn’t play much in the last few games. He needs to play to be happy, and we decided for all three parties to let him move. He wants to play every single game, and hopefully, he can have that in Munich.”

Many people were still shocked when Cancelo left, but it was decided to let him go and accept a loan from Bayern Munich. The player, who contributed an assist on his debut, has the option to join the German team for £61.6 million at the end of the current season.

Joao Cancelo accident

Joao Cancelo accident
Credit: Sky Sports

We didn’t want interesting facts about Joao Cancelo to take a sad turn, but some things are inevitable.

As you may already be aware, Scouts from Benfica saw the young player’s brilliance and recruited him to their academy in 2007. At this point, Cancelo began his professional career with the Eagles, where he developed his abilities as a right and left defender.

Since his father was forced to work in Switzerland, his mother drove him to and from the academy.

Although Joao Cancelo was still a youngster playing for the Portuguese giants Benfica, he lost his mother in a car accident just a few miles south of the club’s training academy in 2013. Cancelo, 18 at the time, and his brother Pedro, who were also in the car, were just slightly hurt, but the loss of Filomena devastated both the siblings and their father, Jose.

Following the death of his mother, which is also one of Joao Cancelo top facts, almost ten years ago, Joao Cancelo acknowledges having second thoughts about ending his professional football career.

“When I lost my mother, I felt like I was at the bottom of a well. I felt like a robot that had to do its job, go home, then another day – day in, day out.”

Joao Cancelo described his mother and said she was most like him in personality. He said they talked extensively about his football career and that she genuinely encouraged his ambitions and worked hard to help him achieve them.

Joao still tries to make her proud even though her mother is deceased. He recalls promising her mother a brighter future where she wouldn’t have to work.

Joao Cancelo girlfriend

Joao Cancelo girlfriend
Credit: Instagram

Another fact of interesting facts about Joao Cancelo is that Daniela and Joao have been dating for some time. The two started dating in 2011 and have remained together ever since. But they haven’t yet gotten married. They became engaged two years ago.

She spent her early years with her parents, two brothers, and other family members in the lovely country of Portugal. Ruben and Maria Machado raised her in the city of Lisbon. Her two small brothers, Jose and Jesus, were also always at her side. She moved to the Lisbon Design School to study fashion design after completing her primary education at the Astoria International School – Colégio Europeu Astoria.

Daniela decided to become a social media influencer and model because of her attractive features and distinctive appearance. She is a housewife who, among other things, enjoys keeping her home immaculately organized and consistently fostering a climate of peace and love. She is successfully balancing her personal and professional lives and making progress toward success.

One of the most attractive influencers ever is Daniela. Daniela has a beautifully developed body that makes her look even more youthful. Her graceful figure is enhanced by the lovely blending of her blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She prioritizes leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of her appearance and physical fitness.

Assault on Joao Cancelo

Credit: Instagram

Thanks to Joao’s Instagram page, we got to find out one of the interesting facts about Joao Cancelo, which happened quite recently.

Four people attacked Joao Cancelo during a house invasion, leaving him with scratches and bruises around his right eye.

In a post on Instagram Stories, the Portugal defender claimed that he fought back to save his family. Sadly, Cancelo added, “Today I was attacked by four cowards who harmed me and tried to hurt my family.”

He claimed that despite his efforts, they were still able to cut him and take his jewels. A severe cut above his right brow and other cuts that were closer to his eye was visible in the Instagram photo.

Although his family was unharmed, Joao stated that he would pursue legal action to report the burglars and have them detained.

Joao Cancelo and Christian Ronaldo’s weird situation

Credit: Sky Sports

As Portugal began its World Cup preparations, Cristiano Ronaldo and Joao Cancelo got into an embarrassing altercation during a training session.

As Bayern Munich full-back Cancelo appeared agitated and about to erupt during their practice, the Al-Nassr star appeared to be intervening.

The 38-year-old approached Cancelo and put his hand firmly behind the defender’s head in an effort to diffuse the tension.

It didn’t seem to work as Ronaldo might have intended, and the 28-year-old made a few angry head thrusts before wrapping his arms around him.

After that, the two parted ways and went their separate ways to get back to training, with Ronaldo smiling as he left the awkward situation.

This happened Following an awkward exchange with Bruno Fernandes in the Portugal locker room. And Since Joao and Fernandes are close friends, many links these two events together.

We learn that things aren’t as they appear to be owing to the new video that has emerged to provide further context for the event mentioned above.

Cancelo was acting angry on the video after attempting to take the ball away from Joao Felix.

Cancelo fouled the striker and then smashed the ball away in retaliation.

Ronaldo approached Cancelo to see how he was doing after noticing that his teammate was upset. So, there was no argument between the two, and you should never believe whatever social media says.

Joao Cancelo’s salary and net worth

Joao Cancelo's salary and net worth
Credit: First Sportz

The right defender signed a contract with Manchester City in August 2021 that provides him with a staggering income of 6 million euros annually.

The Portuguese full-back has represented some of the top teams in the world, including Internazionale, Juventus, Valencia in Spain, and Serie A’s Internazionale. He agreed to a six-year contract with Premier League team Manchester City in the summer of 2019, and now he is on loan for Bayern Munich. His market value is more than €70 million, while his net worth is reportedly €40 million.

Joao Cancelo habits

Joao Cancelo habits
Credit: Twitter

Let’s talk about this players habits in this section of interesting facts about Joao Cancelo.

Cancelo is described by those who know him as driven, emotionally smart, and only sometimes sharing facts about his personal life. He typically celebrates holidays with his partner and daughter. His interests and pleasures include swimming, traveling, and having fun with friends and family.

Now that we’ve covered his net worth, let’s talk about his life.

Examining his spending patterns reveals that he lives a lavish lifestyle.

There is no denying that he enjoys a life of luxury. He often gives followers a glimpse of it by posting photos of himself having fun at luxurious resorts throughout the globe.

Some interesting quotes from Joao Cancelo

Some interesting quotes from Joao Cancelo
Credit: Forbes

We have gathered a few of Joao Cancelo’s quotes which we thought you would consider interesting.

Since Joao’s father was working in Switzerland to bring food to the table, Joao was so emotionally attached to his mother. Thus, after she passed away, his father and brother needed him to support his family with his career:

“My father let things calm down, then he spoke to me. He said that both he and my brother needed me; they needed me to have the strength to continue because my father had to stay; he couldn’t go back to Switzerland anymore. By then, I had already signed a professional contract with Benfica, and much of my money was used to support my family, so I decided to play again.”

Joao usually talks about his flexibility in playing multiple positions, but this quote caught our eye the most:

“I always try to help the team wherever the team needs me; even if the manager asks me to be a goalkeeper, I can also do it! I always try to do my best and try to help the team to achieve the targets.”

Fortunately, we had the chance to include this player’s quotes as Joao Cancelo interesting facts.

Every famous player has a quote that would make the fans emotional, and for Joao, its this one that he said about his daughter:

“A blessing only God could give me. Alicia Cancelo. BLESSED.”

Joao Cancelo’s achievements and awards

Credit: Marca

A separate section has been set aside for João Cancelo’s achievements which can also be considered a part of Joao Cancelo amazing facts. A football player, after all, only wants a long record of honors and accomplishments. Joao won the Primeira Liga with his youth team, Benfica, during the 2013–14 season, which was his first trophy. This player won two awards despite just spending a brief time at Juventus; the first was Serie A for the 2018–19 season, and the second was the 2018 Supercoppa Italiana.

With Joao Cancelo on its team in the 2020–2021 and 2021–2022 seasons, Manchester City maintained its position atop the Premier League for two consecutive seasons. In 2020–2021, they also included the EFL Cup and UEFA Champions League runners-up awards in their trophy cabinet.

Make sure to check Joao Cancelo’s biography to learn everything there is about this player. We have covered his full international and domestic career in great detail just for you. Stay with football to expand your knowledge of football and famous players.

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