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Famous celebrities and their favorite football team

Football has had a significant global impact, attracting singers, actors, rappers, and influential figures from various industries besides regular people. Soccer is widely regarded as the most popular sport, with many celebrities endorsing it. There is also a possibility of meeting prominent political figures among ordinary fans. Here is a compilation of celebrities and their favorite football team.

Regardless of their expertise, celebrities often extend their involvement beyond simply attending matches in the VIP stands. We have observed instances where actors like Ryan Reynolds have acquired ownership of entire clubs while others have purchased shares in clubs they admire.

Celebrity status allows individuals to express their support for their favorite club, even casually mentioning them during interviews. Status of such high significance comes with a multitude of privileges.

That is why it might be of interest to know what team your favorite celebrity supports.

Famous Celebrities and Their Favorite Football Team Listed by Footbalium


Allow me to present you with a captivating glimpse into the article. Our exclusive celebrities and their favorite football team list boasts an impressive array of individuals from various fields, including esteemed actors, renowned singers, influential political figures, and even beloved football stars.

We have included a diverse selection that caters to a wide range of tastes. Join us as we delve into the intriguing world of celebrities and uncover the teams that hold a special place in the hearts of your beloved stars.

Justin Bieber

Our first celebrity of celebrities and their favorite football team is the one who was once called the kid wonder.

It was widely believed by many that Justin Bieber had made a firm commitment to Everton Football Club. This occurred when he was photographed wearing the team’s kit. This symbolic gesture holds immense significance within European football culture, akin to a profound and enduring dedication.

However, in a social media update, the renowned pop sensation Justin Bieber delighted his fans by sharing a captivating snapshot on Twitter. The image showcased the talented artist engaging in a friendly football game alongside his close friends. Accompanying the photo was a thoughtfully crafted caption that read, “The Championship.”

This intriguing shot of Bieber’s hobbies not only offered a glimpse into his active lifestyle but also left fans eagerly speculating about the meaning of this picture. Arsenal swiftly seized upon the captivating image, with passionate fans strongly urging the esteemed club to officially declare the signing of none other than the legendary Justin Bieber! The news of potential transfer possibilities in the music industry has brought immense joy to Arsenal fans.

Fortunately, this scenario did not come to pass. Justin Bieber has consistently demonstrated his exceptional talent in the music industry, making it abundantly clear that his true calling lies within it.

Jennifer Lopez


In football, rivalries regarding star power are taken to a whole new level. Just imagine, if FC Barcelona were to acquire a mesmerizing songstress of titanic proportions, much like the iconic Shakira, it would only be fitting for their arch-nemesis, Real Madrid, to respond with an equally captivating force. Put in the one and only Jennifer Lopez, a true embodiment of allure and charisma. The battle for supremacy in El Clasico just got much more glamorous!

In a stunning display of star power, the incomparable J-Lo graced the stage in the vibrant city of Madrid, captivating the audience with her electrifying performance. She made a bold statement, sporting the iconic Real jersey, proudly aligning herself with the prestigious club. And if that wasn’t enough, she effortlessly mingled with football royalty, rubbing shoulders with none other than the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo and the indomitable Sergio Ramos. It was a clear indication of her allegiance to the Real Madrid family.

Dennis Bergkamp


Dennis might not be a celebrity, but he has a special place in the hearts of Arsenal (one of the Football teams with the most fans) and football fans for all those years of dedication to the Gunners.

Probably most of us would remember the world-famous quote of this legend about supporting a club: “When you start supporting a football club, you don’t support it because of the trophies, or a player, or history, you support it because you found yourself somewhere there; found a place where you belong.”

Dennis Bergkamp, the legendary footballer who graced the hallowed grounds of Arsenal for numerous seasons, undoubtedly holds a special place in his heart for the Gunners. However, intriguingly enough, during his formative years, the Dutch maestro deeply admired none other than Tottenham Hotspur. In a recent interview, Dennis revealed his admiration for the team was not solely for their play style or achievements but for the legendary Glenn Hoddle, who played for Tottenham during the illustrious 1970s and 80s.



We’ve got another Arsenal fan in the celebrities and their favorite football team article, and this time it’s none other than the multi-talented American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and movie star!

In a stunning turn of events, the renowned rapper officially pledged his support to the club, thanks to his close bond with the legendary Arsenal icon, Thierry Henry. He made his intentions crystal clear in a stunning revelation, expressing his desire to acquire shares in the esteemed club and secure a spot in the boardroom.

In the glorious era of Thierry Henry’s tenure at the club, I witnessed firsthand his mesmerizing skills on the pitch, said Jay-z. To his eyes, Thierry was nothing short of extraordinary. His sheer brilliance and finesse left the rapper in awe, as he couldn’t help but marvel at his exceptional talent. Truly, Thierry Henry was a force to be reckoned with, a true legend of the game.

Piers Morgan

Credit: Getty Image

Let’s meet the most controversial candidate of our celebrities and their favorite football team list.

Pierce Morgan’s Uncensored Show has undeniably ignited a whirlwind of controversies. Despite the show’s stained reputation, it propelled its charismatic host to stardom.

With a lifelong passion for the beautiful game, Morgan has emerged as the ultimate Arsenal enthusiast, captivating an impressive Twitter following of four million fans. His unwavering dedication to the club is unparalleled.

And he couldn’t wait to dive into the world of football.

This passionate individual proudly supported the mighty Arsenal from the age of five or six. Witnessing the historic triumph of the double-winning squad in ’71 was an unforgettable experience.

The picture above is one of the best celebrities with their favorite teams pictures ever captured, although it was captured in a charity match.

Floyd Mayweather

Credit: Getty Image

Introducing yet another remarkable athlete to bless our list, but this particular individual unquestionably possesses an awe-inspiring power that sets them apart from the rest, like literally. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about the legendary Floyd Joy Mayweather!

Coming from the United States, Mayweather is a boxing promoter and a former professional boxer who stood in the ring from 1996 to 2017. In a career that can only be described as legendary, this athlete elegantly bowed out of the ring with an impeccable undefeated record.

Throughout his journey, he imprinted his name in the records of boxing history by capturing an astounding 15 major world championships, showcasing their unsurpassed skill and versatility across weight divisions ranging from super featherweight to light middleweight.

He has declared his complete support for the Reds. During an exclusive interview with the famous Rio Ferdinand on BT Sport, the ex-boxer was posed with the ultimate question: his allegiance to Manchester United or Manchester City.

And he fires back with a question of his own: “Who boasts the superior record?” Which team has clinched more championships?

This clearly shows that Mayweather is a United fan.

JK Rowling

Credit: Press Association

Over the past few decades, we have witnessed an absolute phenomenon in the literary world. The Harry Potter book series has risen to legendary heights, captivating the hearts and minds of readers across the globe.

And let’s not even dive into the cinematic masterpieces! In a remarkable journey from the field of fantasy to becoming a true cultural icon, Harry Potter has undeniably risen to unprecedented levels of fame within the world of storybooks. Potter’s heads owe immense gratitude to none other than the brilliant mastermind behind it all, JK Rowling.

The ongoing discussion surrounding JK Rowling’s allegiance to West Ham United has captivated fans and critics alike. With the Hammers being the sole football club to appear in her iconic Harry Potter series, the question of her true supporter status has become a hot topic of debate.

In a riveting revelation, reports have surfaced suggesting that the talented writer has been discreetly attending the West Ham games undercover. While this claim may hold some truth, her true allegiance appears elsewhere, specifically with the mighty Tottenham Hotspur.

Ed Sheeran

Credit: Instagram/Ipswich Town

I still clearly recall the years when the Shape of You and the A-Team songs of a ginger singer who constantly smiled for the cameras were the songs that would constantly play from the speakers of cafes and restaurants. This ginger singer was indeed Ed Sheeran, one of the celebrities who support English teams.

The UK Albums Chart was topped by Sheeran’s debut album, + (“Plus”), released in September 2011. It included “The A Team,” his debut number-one song.

To talk about football, we must mention that Ed Sheeran is a fan of Ipswich town. Sheeran was mistakenly assumed to support Chelsea after a series of deleted Tweets in which he acknowledged that his father was a Blues fan, but the ‘Shape of You’ singer is a more passionate supporter of a far less prestigious football team.

Lebron James

Credit: Getty Images

Finally, in this part of celebrities and their favorite football team, we have the undisputed king of the NBA, the most iconic figure in basketball history.

The NBA icon, LeBron James is undeniably one of the most popular Liverpool fans. Liverpool fans are happy to witness the NBA’s finest supporting one of the Premier League’s top teams.

Lebron James was not a mere fan of Liverpool, though. In 2011, James became a minority shareholder in the club, eventually trading his stake for shares in Fenway Sports Group.


Credit: Instagram

Adele’s journey from Tottenham to Beverly Hills has been remarkable. Her transformation from a regular signer to a superstar whose songs are selected as award-winning movie themes is also astonishing.

The immensely gifted global superstar, valued at around £150 million and among the elite like Katy Perry, Jenifer Lawrence, and Cameron Diaz, always stays true to her humble beginnings.

The Tottenham-loving North London singer wears her fandom proudly.

During her 2016 US tour, Adele proudly supported Tottenham Hotspur, posing underneath a scarf that read “The Pride of London.”

Adele’s Instagram showcases her heritage with a prominent Tottenham Hale underground sign in her LA residence.

In this instance, the girl’s Tottenham roots remain deeply ingrained, despite any attempts to distance herself from the club.

In a recent performance, the talented Chasing Pavements singer delivered a powerful rendition of Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur. While it may not rank among her finest performances, the Tottenham faithful certainly relished the spectacle she delivered.

Will Ferrell

Credit: Youtube

Renowned American actor and comedian Will Ferrell graced a Premier League football match with his presence a few weeks back.

The renowned actor, famous for his roles in Anchorman and Zoolander, recently embarked on a “recruiting trip” for MLS champions Los Angeles FC (LAFC) in his role as a co-owner of the club. In the midst of the game, he took a moment to chat with Sky Sports, expressing his passion and enthusiasm for the sport.

In an interview with Sky Sports at the Etihad Stadium, within the esteemed presence of Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane, he disclosed his attendance as a co-owner of reigning MLS champions LAFC. He also commended the league’s impressive standard.

On a recruiting trip for LAFC, Ferrell assesses Etihad Stadium’s potential for MLS: “I’m on a recruiting trip for LAFC; I’m just seeing if they measure up to MLS. I watch a fair amount [of football]; I don’t have a side over here; I enjoy following the storylines. It’s a very good league; I will go out on a limb and say there are some very good teams and players here.”

Tom Holland

Credit: Getty Images

The web-slinging superhero, Spider-Man, is known for his love of football. After fighting criminals and spending quality time with the Avengers, this hero finds solace in the stadium, indulging in the thrill of football. Ah, the eternal question: Which Spider-Man, you ask? In the universe of Avengers movies, only Tom Hallad had the privilege of taking center stage.

Marvel star Tom Holland recently compared his experience working on The Crowded Room to being a devoted fan of England’s Tottenham Hotspur, his beloved soccer team. Tottenham has always had Hollywood celebrities support on its side.

Despite never clinching the Premier League title, the club’s unwavering determination has left a lasting impact on Holland, teaching them the true essence of resilience.

Tom Hanks


Although we have seen Tom Hanks in several films, he was also passionate about other things. As many fans have observed, Tom Hanks has appeared at celebrations for an English club.

The well-known “Forrest Gump” and “Saving Private Ryan” actor is an avid soccer fan, though not of the team you might assume! Tom Hanks is certainly among hollywood celebrities support their favorite football team.

Hanks is a lifelong fan of none other than Aston Villa. However, he has acknowledged that his allegiances are based more on his love of the club’s name than on their performance or background. He also stated his love for the club’s name, which sounded pleasant to him.

He was invited as a visitor when Aston Villa played Portland Timbers and was featured on Aston Villa TV.

Samuel L Jackson


The leader of the Shield agency, Mr. Nick Fury, is a fan of football as well. Since we’ve seen him in rough-and-tumble roles so frequently, we assumed his heart would be equally tough, but this part of Samuel’s body serves as a loving residence for a particular football team.

The “Pulp Fiction” actor fell in love with Liverpool while filming the 2002 movie “51st State” there and attended a match at Anfield. Since then, he has been a devoted supporter of the Reds.

Jackson is vocal in his support of the Reds, usually twisting supportive quotes for the club.

When the two met in 2014, Mesut Ozil mistakenly referred to the actor as an Arsenal supporter in a tweet. The actor was forced to re-upload and re-caption the image since Liverpool fans are not easily sharing their fans with other clubs. At least not this one!

Prince William


The last on the list of celebrities and their favorite football team is no other than the Prince himself.

Prince William, synonymous with royalty, has long been hailed as an enthusiastic devotee of the well-known Aston Villa football club. In a display of loyalty we have seen in England, the heir to the throne has become a familiar face at Villa games, leaving no doubt about his allegiances.

This passionate support was further solidified when he attended the 2015 FA Cup Final match, making the match even more memorable with his presence. With this public declaration of his affiliation, the origins of his deep-rooted connection to the club were laid bare, setting the stage for an electrifying match.

Interestingly, Prince was not looking for a team with exceptional performance or renowned players to support. On the contrary, he wanted to support a team that would endure lows besides highs.

“I wanted to have a more mid-table team that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments. Aston Villa’s always had a great history.

This was all there was to hollywood celebrities and their favorite football teams. Hope you enjoyed it!

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