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Interesting facts about Yann Sommer

The life of celebrities is full of secrets and information that they try to hide from the cameras. But even if they try hard to keep them away from interviewers, many fans will dig deep into their social media platform and find some treasures. Now, we are going to expose these facts about a single goalkeeper. We are here to talk about interesting facts about Yann Sommer.

The world-known goalkeeper’s life is full of interesting events and his social media shows that he spends much time following his hobbies and developing his skills in other areas of life other than football. We don’t want to keep you waiting so let’s immediately jump into the interesting facts about Yann Sommer.

A list of the most interesting facts about Yann Sommer

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A while back we prepared the Yann Sommer biography and had his full career covered. Footbalium, however, is never satisfied with offering incomplete information about players and their careers. So, we had to come up with a way to cover everything that was left of his life in another interesting article. That is why we are here once again to list the unknown facts about Yann Sommer.

A goalkeeper from the young age

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The first fact of interesting facts about Yann Sommer is that he knew that he would become a footballer from a young age. But his mother was a little skeptical about his future and demanded that he should receive decent education before jumping into his career of gatekeeping in the green field of soccer.

Yann Sommer was raised in Morges, Switzerland, by both of his parents. Growing up, he had clear goals, and his parents wanted to support him.

His goals were to excel as a goalie and represent a prestigious international club. Yann Sommer’s parents never stopped him from pursuing his dreams.

He joined the FC Herrliberg youth teams and later the Concordia Basel youth teams. Afterward, in 2003, Yann Sommer advanced to the Basel youth setup.

Basel trials and fun facts

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How excellent needs a player or goalie to be able to play right away for his first team and be selected for the starting lineup in every game?

Yann Sommer joined U21 Basel in 2005 and inked his very first professional contract there. One of the fun facts about Yann Sommer is that he had no trouble gaining more playing time for the team.

Almost immediately after joining the team, he was chosen as Basel’s under-21 team’s first-choice goalkeeper. Moreover, Sommer was selected as the third goalkeeper for the senior team, behind Franco Costanzo and Louis Crayton.

Notably, his instant goalkeeping assignment from the under-21 team didn’t transfer to the senior side, and he had to wait 7 years to become the senior team’s first-choice keeper.

Yann Sommer earned his first professional contract in 2005 with FC Basel. Later, to give him additional first-team exposure, he was sent on various loan deals.

Nonetheless, Yann Sommer finally became the first-choice goalkeeper after a seven-year wait.

Franco Costanzo’s contract with FC Basel was not renewed. The club confirmed this in March 2011. After a protracted search, Yann Sommer was selected as the team’s starting goalie, and the wait was well worth it because he quickly found success in the position.

Exceptional Borussia Monchengladbach achievements

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When we talk about interesting facts about Yann Sommer we should mention his exceptional debut season for Borussia Monchengladbach.

Yann Sommer signed a five-year contract with Borussia Monchengladbach on March 10, 2014, after successfully securing a transfer to the Bundesliga. Marc-Andre ter Stegen, who relocated to Barcelona, was immediately replaced by him.

Sommer, a transfer from FC Basel, was a great choice for Borussia Monchengladbach. He received further acclaim as a result of his brave jumps and the way he bonded with his new teammates.

The team was successful in qualifying for the UEFA Champions League in his first season. Yann Sommer was awarded the best player for Borussia Monchengladbach at the end of the campaign (2014-15).

It was a tremendous debut season for him at Borussia Monchengladbach. Borussia Monchengladbach came in the third position during the 2014–15 campaign.

Since 1978, this was the club’s highest finish. In addition, Yann Sommer’s new team broke their previous mark for games without a loss. They exceeded the 17-game winning streak achieved during the 1970–71 campaign.

Switzerland success


Yann Sommer’s success in his national team is no secret. But we need to mention some of them which may prove to be interesting for you!

Yann Sommer participated in the World Cup for Switzerland after making his debut for the team. He was also chosen to be one of the 32 players competing in the 2016 UEFA European Championship.

The 2020 UEFA European Championship games also included Yann Sommer. In this tough fight, he was among the top players.

Yann Sommer was one of Switzerland’s best players in the postponed UEFA Euro 2020 competition. His ambition for his nation was quite unique.

Switzerland defeated France with Yann Sommer’s assistance, moving on to the round of 16. If a 3-3 tie, penalties would be used to determine which side would move on.

Kylian Mbappe’s penalty was saved by Yann Sommer, securing Switzerland’s advancement to the next round. Yann Sommer made eight saves in extra time against Spain on July 2, 2021. Switzerland lost on penalties, though, and was unable to advance to the Euro 2020 semifinals.


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Enough of the football-related headings and information. Let us learn some interesting facts about Yann Sommer and his family.

The goalkeeper enjoyed his life in a united household. He was able to feel the love of his parents and other family members. Sommer didn’t have to worry about divorce because his mother and father had a very close relationship and his household was full of support and love.

Daniel Sommer is the athlete’s father. He played for FC Herrliberg as a player. Regrettably, he was never able to join a prominent club before his career came to an end. Yann’s father had enough knowledge of the sport to teach his son the fundamentals and prepare him mentally for the upcoming difficulties of the sport.

On rare occasions, he would bring Sommer to the practice field and make him sit through the entire day’s workout. The young boy gradually picked up a few abilities from his father. His father influenced Yann’s career for the better and later on Yann admitted that if it wasn’t for his father’s teaching he wouldn’t have made it to where he is right now.

Moms are the finest negotiators when it comes to relaying the expectations of children to their fathers, as we all know. Similarly, Monika Sommer has consistently made sure her husband satisfies their son’s requirements. She and the goalkeeper were so close that they were able to talk about any aspect of his life.

The mother and her son had no hidden secrets from each other. He is as fortunate to have a mother who is concerned about his efforts and well-being. His mother took on a different position for Yann and she was more like a counselor to him than a parent.

Siblings and other relatives

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Yann never shows that he was the only child in the family because of his down-to-earth demeanor, and in our opinion, this is one of Yann Sommer amazing facts. The only child typically exhibits domineering behavior, enjoys being demanding, and loves to be tough, but Yann, our adored goalkeeper, never acts in such a way. If you were to observe him in person or up close during an interview, you might infer that he relied on an older sibling or brother when he was a little child.

Once he became well-known, a lot of people began wondering if he had an equally adorable sibling. They were disappointed to learn that Sommer appeared to be the family’s lone child.

Despite not having any siblings, Sommer never experienced boredom because of his friends and extended family.

In addition to his parents, the gifted athlete has grown particularly close to his grandmother. Every time his mother was absent, she took care of him. In 2023, his grandma turned 94 years old.

Yann Sommer’s religion and his good deeds


The athlete grew up learning about the principles of his faith because his family is Christian. Like his parents, he practices Catholicism and frequently finds time to go to church.

Meeting the pope was one of the most lovely religious experiences he once had. He was very pleased to meet the leader of the Catholic Church.

Religious athletes frequently perform acts of kindness and attend charity events. Yann is likewise no exception, as he typically volunteers during his free time.

A philanthropist with a strong commitment to aiding sick children is Yann Sommer. He began working for the Basel-based Stiftung Pro UKBB, which supports the Children’s Hospital. Their objective is to guarantee that kids have access to the proper care.

More specifically, they work hard to get hospitalized sick children into the finest settings possible for a quick recovery.

Sommer paid a visit to the young patients of the oncology station at the University Children’s Hospital in Basel on April 4, 2019, which is World Cancer Day.

He was honored to have experienced these happy and inspiring times with strong patients. The goalkeeper sang and played his guitar for the hospital’s young cancer patients while he was there.

Hobbies and life outside football

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A fact of interesting facts about Yann Sommer is that on his social media, Yann exposes a lot of personal information, which we shall discuss in more detail below. These images show him spending time with his family or engaging in hobbies during his free time.

Specifically, he enjoys playing the guitar. He has a strong enthusiasm for music in his own time, and he frequently shows up for national team or club practices with a guitar to spice things up. The goalkeeper also claims to be an unwavering devotee of the Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen.

One of the top facts about Yann Sommer is that he is passionate about cuisine in addition to music. When he was young, he had a food blog. Although he admits to being vegan, he will break the law if he sees a tasty piece of meat in front of him.

Social media

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Footballers are generally famous on social media and have a lot of followers. In this section of interesting facts about Yann Sommer, we would talk about his accounts on different platforms.

Yann Sommer is active on two of the most famous social media platforms, Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram, he has more than 900K followers and is following more than 300 accounts. He has posted more than 1000 pictures to this day.

His pictures mainly illustrate his training on the football field or project his personal life. He has most recently posted pictures of him entering the field with a Bayern Munich jersey on and showed his dedication to the team and his joy of winning games for the club by commenting:

“3 precious home points”

The other platform that Yann is active on is Twitter. In comparison, he has fewer followers on this platform, with only over 70K followers, which is justified since, objectively, Instagram is a much more recognized platform, most recognized among teenagers.

You will see Yann posting his opinion on games or transfers on this platform, with more focus on the captions of the tweets than the picture.

Now we have reached the last section of interesting facts about Yann Sommer.

Net worth and salary

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We will end Yann Sommer interesting facts with a section about his net worth and salary.

There is no precise estimate of the player’s earnings, but as of 2021, his net worth was about $5 million. He was playing for M’Gladbach at the time. But his salary will increase significantly now that he is a member of Bayern Munich, the finest team in the Bundesliga. We estimate his current net worth to be $10 million.

The last fact of interesting facts about Yann Sommer is that the goalkeeper is a Puma-sponsored athlete meaning that he receives money from the company whenever he promotes the products. For the 2022–2023 season, he wears the Puma Future Z 1.4 soccer shoes.

Also, the watchmaker Breitling supports him. Therefore, football is not his exclusive source of income, and even if he retires, he would still be able to increase his net worth because of his incredible looks and attractive physique.

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