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Best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic

A while back, we talked about Granit Xhaka, who was a Serbian born in Switzerland. What would have happened if his parents didn’t move from Serbia to Switzerland? Well, if the passion for football was still there, he would have become another Dusan Vlahovic. A player so praised that we have made an article out of the best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic.

Dusan, at the age of 23, is rocking the field. So, it’s no wonder that there are articles listing the greatest quotes about Dusan Vlahovic. Because of this, many teams are trying to recruit this young but talented forward. The potential he has, made him stand out from any other player at the same age. Making over 100 appearances for Fiorentina and then moving on to Juventus in 2022, Dusan has made himself known to the world by performing for top-class clubs at a young age.

But let us get to the article of best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic to see what other players and media have to say about him.

A collection of best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic

A collection of best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic
Credit: Getty Images

We think that Dusan is one of the best forwards that Serbia has to offer, but what do others think about him? Let’s find out in the best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic article.

Dusan Vlahovic introduction

Dusan Vlahovic introduction
Credit: Instagram

Before we start mentioning the best quotes on Dusan Vlahovic, we should introduce this player to those who are not familiar with him.

  • Name: Dušan Vlahović
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 1.90 m
  • Nationality: Serbian
  • Current team: Juventus
  • Position: Forward
  • Number: 9

Now it is safe to say that we are ready to hop into greatest ever quotes about Dusan Vlahovic and see what people think of him

Best quotes on media

Best quotes on media
Credit: Sky Sports

Media is the most amusing form of entertainment, especially when you watch people go crazy over an event. This part holds some of the best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic.

Serbian football Twitter account tweeted:

“Every time Dusan Vlahovic breathes Arsenal fans make him trend on Twitter. I’m scared to see what happens if he doesn’t go there, anti Serbian tweets will be at an all-time high.”

The story behind this tweet is very interesting. Dusan refused to join the Gunners prior to joining Juventus on a four-and-a-half-year contract. But Arsenal is still insisting on signing a deal with Dusan. So, Arsenal fans are looking for any clues to prove that Dusan is interested in joining them and post these “clues” on social media, hyping up other clueless fans. Because of this, Serbian Football had to make a tweet about this interesting and funny behavior of Arsenal fans. A user jokingly replied to the post:

“I don’t want him to go there just for the epic Arsenal fans meltdown.”

Italian Football TV, a verified football reporter account on Twitter, praised Dusan’s performance in a game against Freiburg on the 16th of March, 2023, scoring a goal after 6 scoreless games.

“Dusan Vlahovic scores a MUCH NEEDED goal from the spot, He’s finally snapped his 6-game scoreless streak for Juve.”

Dusan Vlahovic plays a critical role in the team and is one of the players that Juve fans look up to. With the goal against Freiburg, he showed the world that he is at his peak performance.

On the other side of Twitter, many are listing the best goal scorers of Juventus since the debut of Vlahovic, and Dusan himself is among the top scorers.

Arsenal fans reaction

Arsenal fans reaction
Credit: Getty Images

As said above, Arsenal fans were furious about Dusans backing out of the Arsenal deal and tried to mock him on social media, creating some of the funniest and best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic. Of course, we are against harassment of any kind and that fans shouldn’t insult players on their decisions, but Arsenal fans love their team so much that they would’ve done everything to have this valuable player in their squad.

One of the fans tweeted:

“Juventus will not play next seasons champions league football after facing a 15-point deduction. Vlahovic rejected Arsenal to play champions league at Juve.”

Several fans reacted less fiercely, despite the fact that we think the comment above was a pretty negative message.

One commented: “Arsenal fans are trolling Locatelli and Vlahovic. I stopped caring too much about players we almost signed but lost to other teams since Hazard went to Chelsea and we had to settle for Gervinho.”

The fan was stating his disappointment in Arsenal’s recent failures in signing world-class and valuable players. This fan also mentions that Arsenal was going to sign a deal with Eden Hazard and get the player from Lille before the Belgian eventually opted for Chelsea (he is now playing for Real Madrid.)

If the Gunners were more successful in acquiring the players they chased for a long time, who knows, maybe they could have ended their title-less streak a few years ago. Still, the club is doing so well this season and we might see it break the curse and win the title it has craved for so long.

Fiorentina staff quotes

Fiorentina staff quotes

One of the events that provoked the Fiorentina staff and made them talk about Dusan was his sudden move from Fiorentina to Juventus. In this section, we have compiled a number of Fiorentina staff quotes about Dusan Vlahovic. Trust us when we say that these quotes are the most interesting of them all.

Fiorentina’s Director commented on Dusan’s condition before departure:

“[Vlahovic’s agent] totally disrespected us. We had come to terms on the wages [of a new contract] but he halted the talks because he wanted higher commissions. The president met [Vlahovic] in November and his demands had doubled by that point.”

Based on his words, Dusan wanted to stay at Fiorentina and sign another contract with increased wages, but his mind was changed by his agent.

Before this, Fiorentina’s sporting director, Daniele Prade, referred to Dusan as a valuable asset and commented on his move:

“We’re ready to sit down at a table and talk. We made various important offers for a contract extension, and we also have had a few offers to sell him in a strong way. I’m saying this because our club makes €75m a year and we can’t afford to lose a valuable asset for free.”

Juventus ended up agreeing on a total of €91.6m deal on Dusan. However, it seems that Dusan doesn’t have a good reputation in Fiorentina after what happened.

For the next part, we will look at some of the best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic said by legends.

Best Quotes on Dusan Vlahovic by Legends

Best Quotes on Dusan Vlahovic by Legends

There are not many quotes about Dusan’s performance in the field, but his move has made a lot of noise, to the point that Fabrizio Ravanelli has commented on the player and we would read his statement in this section of best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic.

Ravanelli said:

“Does (Vlahovic) have to change the scene? I don’t see the need, indeed, it seems to me that he has embraced the Juve project and therefore wants to wear the shirt for a long time, beyond the difficulties of this season. I imagine that, in his head, there is the will to do something important with Juve.”

With Juventus under investigation for potential financial misconduct, which could result in its key players leaving the club, the team may be subject to severe sporting sanctions. This will certainly affect Dusan’s decision to leave or stay in the club.

Ravanelli added further: “The style of play can help a striker or not, but I think the great champions (thrive in) any type of game. Often too much attention is paid to the number of goals and not to the performance of the forward. And that is wrong.” This can potentially be related to Dusan’s 6 games goalless run that he finally managed to break.

Terry Gibson


Let’s look at some of Terry Gibson quotes about Dusan Vlahovic. A few days before Dusan joined Juventus, Terence Bradley Gibson said that he thinks Dusan will fit right into Arsenal:

“I’m not surprised Arsenal are interested in this type of player the way they play their football – with 4-2-3-1 they need a focal point, a player with a presence up front. With Vlahovic, you get the lot. He’s got pace, and mobility, he’s very, very strong, he’s over six foot tall, scores all types of goals, and holds the ball up well which is really important in the way Arsenal wants to play.”

Terry also stated his opinion on Dusan’s playstyle and how he can be useful in the field for the Gunners:

“He’s a left-footer but he scores all types of goals – a poacher but he doesn’t mind striking from outside the penalty area. He doesn’t mind getting on the end of crosses. There is a similarity in his play to Haaland – two big, strong, powerful, quick strikers, and both lethal when they get an opportunity in front of the goal. If Arsenal were able to pull that off, it would be an outstanding signing.”

Arsenal lost its chance to offer a satisfying deal to Dusan before he joined Juventus, but the rumors say that there is an opportunity for Arsenal to revive its offer and try its luck one more time. But this time, its fellow Premier League teams would not take it easy on Arsenal and would try to make a shot on the player by offering him eye-catching deals. One of these teams is Chelsea.

Dusan’s quote about himself

Credit: Instagram

Players usually explain themselves and how they feel in certain circumstances in interviews. Now, we would project some of the best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic that he said about himself.

Before we get to football-related best quotes about Dusan Vlahovic, there is an interesting quote that he said in an interview:

“Medicine is my choice, because if – God forbid – there is nothing from football, I have to have some school finished.”

Dusan was determined to complete his education because, as you can see, he was doubting his ability to pursue a sports career. The parents of Dusan Vlahovic never had complete faith in football since there was always a fallback plan in place in case their son didn’t succeed. After finishing primary school, he was going to enroll in college. But happily, his soccer career turned out to be a happy ending.

The 23-year-old forward also talked about his idol and how he felt playing against him:

“I never liked comparisons. Although that with Zlatan is a great honor for me. It imposes a certain responsibility which can get me burned.”

When Dusan was a kid, he would always look up to Zlatan and try to mimic his playing style on the field. Look how far he has come that he is sometimes playing against Zlatan, the idol of his life.

Aside from this, there were videos that showed how Dusan looks at the legendary player in the locker room, probably thinking that he has finally made it!

Football related quotes

Football related quotes
Credit: Getty Images

Back then, when he was playing for Fiorentina, Dusan made it clear how he felt about his club.

“I talk about everything with my parents and my managers. I have a great season behind me, I am aware that I have taken a serious step in my career. Fiorentina is not a small club, but a big team in Italy, which has a tradition, fans, and players. But, as a young man, I have already gotten used to the country that welcomed me with open arms. I thought that next season I had to establish myself as a player, to repeat the season like that, which was like a fairy tale.”

Later, when he got comfortable with his new club, Dusan let out his thoughts on the move and his new club:

“’I just had one club in my mind because Juventus is Juventus. There is nothing else to say, and now I feel honored to be given this jersey. It’s incredible every time I put it on. I definitely identify with their DNA. The Juventus personality coincides with my personality. When you come here you never give up, you fight all the time, and you make sacrifices. This was definitely what I was looking for.”

This only implies one thing:

Dusan is happy with his decision and would give it his 100 percent to see Juventus achieve higher achievements.

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