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Georgina Rodriguez Biography

Most Football players are hot and have attractive bodies and looks. This is because football is a physically demanding sport. Another reason for it is that most footballers are rich and can change their appearance and undergo different surgeries to become aesthetically appealing. What do handsome male looks attract? Gorgeous females! An example of this is the story of Cristiano Ronaldo and his GF which we will talk about in Georgina Rodriguez Biography.

More than half of football enthusiasts love Ronaldo. His performance in the field is hard to ignore. This performance can be linked to his extreme devotion to football and the support he gets from his girlfriend and family.

His girlfriend was a regular employee at a store before meeting this football legend. But one moment changed her life forever. She met one of the best football players and then everything went along. Nobody knew the name of this girl before and now he is the WAG of one of the most famous footballers who gave his girlfriend everything besides his love.

Not only Georgina has the wealth to live as she pleases but she also became so famous that she managed to sign modeling contracts with various companies, adding to the total wealth of their family. How did all of this happen? Well, do not rush, as we can’t rush perfection.

Everything about Georgina Rodriguez Biography

Everything about Georgina Rodriguez Biography
Credit: Instagram

Accompany us from section to section in Georgina Rodriguez Biography as we unveil the life story of this lady and talk about each aspect of her life in great detail.

Georgina Rodriguez introduction

Georgina Rodriguez introduction
Credit: Instagram

Before we move into Georgina Rodriguez life story, there are a few points we need to mention about this gorgeous woman. The information can be seen below:

  • Name: Georgina Rodríguez Hernández
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 1.69 m
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Husband/boyfriend: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Biological children: Two

Without further ado let’s open this book about Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend and delve deep into the story.

Childhood and early life

Childhood and early life
Credit: Instagram

Georgina Rodriguez real name is Georgina Rodríguez Hernández. Her Spanish mother, Ana Maria Hernandez, and her Argentinean father, Jorge Eduardo Rodrguez Gorjón, welcomed Georgina Rodrguez into the world in Buenos Aires.

She revealed to XLSemanal that they were visiting her father’s side of the family at the time of her arrival rather than living there. After that, they returned to Spain and ultimately made their way to Jaca, a little village.

Despite not coming from a wealthy family, Rodriguez loved her tranquil life. She had many happy recollections of her upbringing, which was a straightforward but formative period, as she revealed in Netflix’s “I Am Georgina,”. Now that Rodriguez has everything she’s ever desired and more, she still remembers her roots.

She is open about her affection for her family, just like her partner Cristiano Ronaldo. This love was displayed in an Instagram image with the following caption:

“Thank you to my mom and my sister [Ivana] for accompanying me on the road of life, because we have always been a small family of 3, but this has made us unconditional and inseparable. Thank you, Mother, for the values you instilled in us, which today I can’t live without.”

Past jobs

Past jobs
Credit: Instagram

When we see a girl with a famous person, we automatically assume that she would lead a regal life with extensive wealth and possessions. While this may be the case, we are unaware of the obstacles the woman had to overcome to get to this place in her life.

Georgina’s first jobs included working as a waitress at a restaurant an hour away from her home, working at a Massimo Dutti shop, and working as an au pair for an English family. The latter employment, according to the Daily Mail, paid just over $100 a week.

XLSemanal quoted her as saying:

“I wanted to work in luxury and I understood that for that I had to speak English.”

She also found time to take English classes. In 2016, Rodriguez landed a job at a Gucci store, which would forever alter her life.

She became a cover girl in 2017 as a result of a series of events. She joined Uno Models and received her first magazine cover.

Her passion for Ballet

Her passion for Ballet
Credit: Instagram

We all had dreams when we were young, but as we grew older, they were forgotten. Sometimes life’s ups and downs get in the way of our dreams, but they also open up new doors to greater heights. What does this have to do with the Georgina Rodriguez biography? You’re about to learn.

Georgina Rodriguez had an ambition of becoming a dancer professionally when she grew up. Her mother enrolled her in a ballet class in the hopes that it would encourage her to come out of her shell, as she revealed in the Netflix series “I Am Georgina,”. This gut feeling turned out to be accurate, as Rodriguez developed a deep love for dance.

When she was a teenager, though, her family could no longer afford to pay for her tuition or cover the extra expenses associated with the profession, including pointe shoes. And with that, Rodrguez’s dreams of one-day teaching dance vanished.

Despite having a brief career in ballet, Rodrguez now finds satisfaction in other types of dancing. She wore her dance shoes in 2020 for the Sanremo Italian Song Festival. The show’s co-host and tango performer Rodriguez ignited the audience with her performance. The Sun reported that Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodriguez’s boyfriend, was there to support her.

Meeting Ronaldo

Meeting Ronaldo
Credit: Instagram

Most people are aware that Georgina lives with Ronaldo and that the couple has a few children. Only a select handful are aware of the history of Georgina and Ronaldo’s relationship and how they first met. But we will share the real story of how they met in this section of Georgina Rodriguez Biography.

According to what is known, Rodriguez and Ronaldo met while she was a sales assistant at a Gucci store in Madrid.

Georgina also shared his experience and commented on the situation: “His height, his body, his beauty caught my attention.

I was trembling in front of him, but a spark ignited. I am very shy and perhaps this stirred me more in front of a person who, with one glance, had touched me deeply. Then after, the way Cristiano treats me cares for me, and loves me did the rest.”

From there, their romance developed steadily, and in late 2016, they began to be photographed together in public.

Most notably, Ronaldo was exposed when attempting to blend in while visiting Disneyland Paris later that year while wearing a wig and sunglasses.

Rodriguez has been a passionate supporter of Ronaldo ever since these events and has gone to see him play for Real Madrid, Juventus, Portugal, Manchester United, and even Al-Nassr.

Naturally, she attended the FIFA awards ceremonies alongside Ronaldo’s mother, sisters, and kids as a member of the family.

Living with Ronaldo and his kids

Living with Ronaldo and his kids
Credit: Instagram

The fact that Georgina gave birth to a baby girl in 2017—the Portugal star’s fourth child—profoundly highlighted the fact that this is Ronaldo’s fourth major relationship since splitting from Irina in 2015.

When talking about Georgina Rodriguez children, there are a few points you need to consider. The pair then revealed that they were having twins in 2021. The story of these twins is a bit tragic since the boy died during birth but the girl was born healthy and is named Bella Esmeralda.

Later on, we’ll talk about Ronaldo’s previous relationships.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s son Cristiano Jr., who is in full custody of Ronaldo and is raised by Georgina, seems to get along well. Since Cristiano Jr. was born in the US in 2010, his biological mother’s identity has been kept a secret.

In fact, Georgina is frequently spotted spending time with all of Ronaldo’s kids in what appear to be touching moments.

Both parties have stated their intentions to be together, and Georgina even explicitly stated it on Instagram. She followed Ronaldo from Madrid to Italy after the striker joined Juventus, then on to England when he returned to Manchester United, and Saudi Arabia after his move to Al-Nassr. She was also present when tax inspectors in the Balearic Islands investigated Ronaldo’s yacht.

Ronaldo has already revealed to a few interviewers that he has plans on marrying Georgina but at a later date since he currently has a lot on his plate and doesn’t have time to prepare for a wedding.

Ronaldo’s relationship before Georgina

Ronaldo’s relationship before Georgina
Credit: Goal

We don’t want to change the topic of Georgina Rodriguez Biography for too long, that’s why for this section we have prepared a bullet point list to give you quick intel on all the girls Ronaldo dated before Georgina.

  • Paris Hilton
  • Merche Romero
  • Nereida Gallardo
  • Gemma Atkinson
  • Irina Shayk

We also need to mention that there were rumors about Ronaldo dating Lucia Villalon and Kim Kardashian. Although these rumors were never confirmed by either side, fans like to think that these affairs did take place.b

The biggest Ronaldo fan

The biggest Ronaldo fan
Credit: Instagram

As previously said, Georgina is her husband’s full-time supporter. At several of Cristiano Ronaldo’s matches, Georgina Rodriguez has been sighted, generally in the executive boxes sitting next to and speaking with Cristiano Jr. The model has also attended her husband’s award ceremonies, such as the FIFA Best Awards, to show her support.

Georgina was seen supporting Ronaldo at Portugal’s matches during the 2018 World Cup from the stands. We are certain that she was somewhere in the crowd supporting her partner even if we didn’t see her at the most recent World Cup in Qatar. Even more recently, she bought Ronaldo a brand-new automobile, and we saw the video on her social media.

Way before we even had the idea to write about Georgina Rodriguez biography, she narrated her story to the whole world in the type of a Netflix show. More in the next section!

The Netflix show

The Netflix show

Being the beloved girl of the most famous football player comes with a few perks, like having your own show on Netflix. Let’s talk about it in this portion of Georgina Rodriguez Biography.

Georgina Rodriguez is renowned as one of the most well-liked WAGs of the present time. She collaborated with Netflix on the “I am Georgina.” series to show her followers how she lives with her celebrity partner Cristiano Ronaldo and their kids.

In the fly-on-the-wall series, Ronaldo and her friends make cameo appearances as she goes on pricey shopping sprees, and luxury holidays, and has fun with her friends and family. She and Ronaldo talk openly about their connection.

The reviews came in a wide range of tones. Several Rotten Tomatoes users said they enjoyed seeing her idyllic life play out on screen, while others complained that the program fell flat and they were unable to see Rodriguez’s true nature since it had been buried beneath the glitz and glamour that came with being Ronaldo’s partner.

“But what it lacks in content, it makes up for in jaw-dropping luxury as she cemented her status as not just an uber-WAG but the biggest WAG in the world by luxuriating in yachts, planes, cars, and the required high-fashion retail stores.” according to the Daily Mail.

Georgina Rodriguez’s businesses and deals

Georgina Rodriguez's businesses and deals
Credit: Instagram

Georgina is not like other WAGs who prefer to travel the world and live a luxurious lifestyle thanks to their partner’s monthly allowance.

She has held a variety of occupations in the past, as was previously indicated, and she continues to negotiate contracts with major corporations, assisting Ronaldo in raising their family’s net worth.

Georgina Rodriguez wasn’t exactly living large back when she was working in upscale shops and renting out storage space. She is now, nevertheless, worth millions.

Her net worth, which Celebrity Net Worth pegs at $10 million, has increased significantly as a result of modeling assignments, brand collaborations, and her Netflix series.

Her multiple deals have obviously proven profitable.

The stunning actress reportedly agreed to a five-figure deal with PrettyLittleThing in 2020 to promote their business on Instagram, according to The Sun.

Rodrguez has worked with Alo Yoga to market their line of yoga apparel and accessories since she enjoys being active and healthy. She starred in the fall ad campaign for the Italian ready-to-wear fashion label Genny in July 2022. Not only that. Rodriguez has collaborated with prominent jewelry.

To conclude Georgina Rodriguez biography, we are eager to hear from you about this amazing girlfriend of the legendary player!

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