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World’s Best English Football Commentators

For those who enjoy watching football from the stadium seats, the supporters and their chants create the stadium atmosphere most enjoyable. However, for those who watch the match on their TVs from home, this responsibility is on the commentators to simulate and describe the stadium’s atmosphere and what’s going on inside it. Today, we acknowledge how hard this task might be, and because of this, we will honor the World’s Best Football Commentators.

These individuals are basically unknown heroes whose voices we have heard repeatedly through the broadcast. We may even be familiar with a few of them through FIFA games since these video game series use real commentator voice templates to make the game more entertaining.

So, without further ado let us hop into the article and meet the World’s Best Football Commentators.

Ranking the World’s Best English Football Commentators

Credit: Rangers FC/PA Images

Who do you think the World’s Best Football Commentators are? Before you tell us your list, let us present ours to your very eyes.

Ian Darke

Credit: Rich Arden/ESPN Images

One of the most well-known sportscasters in Britain is Ian Darke. Drake is not only one of the best football commentators but he was also one of Sky’s “Big Four” commentators, together with Martin Tyler, Alan Parry, and Rob Hawthorne, and he covered both football and boxing.

With his extensive experience covering significant events like the FIFA World Cup final three times as well as regular Premier League and UEFA Champions League matches, Darke has a lot of knowledge. Darke has previously worked closely with Sky Sports and BBC Radio, but he has also held a position with ESPN. He presently works as a commentator for Prime Video Sport and BT Sport, where he covers the Premier League among other leagues. Additionally, he has provided FA Cup commentary for BT Sport and Sky.

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Jon Champion

The services of knowledgeable pundit Jon Champion, who relocated to the United States before the 2019–20 season, are dearly missed by Premier League fans. Over the course of his illustrious career, Champion has worked for a variety of organizations, including ESPN, BBC Sport, ITV Sport, Setalanta, and Setalanta, the latter of which is his current job.

One of the few professional commentators who has also competed at the highest level is Alan Smith, a former player for Arsenal and Leicester City. In EA Sports’ FIFA videogame series, Smith is best known for displacing fellow commentator Andy Gray as Martin Tyler’s companion. He is a well-known striker who has earned many England national team appearances.

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Jim Beglin

Credit: Courtesy

Premier League fans will be sorely missing the services of veteran pundit Jon Champion, who relocated to the United States prior to the 2019–20 season. Beglin has occasionally worked as a secondary commentator with people like Peter Drury and Martin Tyler. Despite having played for Liverpool in the past, he is objective while discussing the Reds’ matches, and many fans and pundits frequently seek out his opinions.

Beglin is without a doubt among the best football commentators. In his lengthy career, he has covered the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and two FIFA World Cups. He has worked for BT Sport and NBCSN. From his lengthy career, Champion has worked for Setalanta, BBC Sport, ITV Sport, and ESPN, the latter of which is where he is currently employed.

The Yorkshire-born announcer was engaged by ITV to provide commentary for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, and ESPN signed him for the 2014 FIFA World Cup since it needed his skills for its American audience.

Champion has previously worked as a FIFA World Cup commentator for both the 2006 and 2018 tournaments. He has additionally offered commentary for many iterations of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer.

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Andy Gray

Credit: Getty Images

Due to conduct issues, Andy Gray, who enjoyed a great career in premier league football with Aston Villa, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Everton, and West Bromwich Albion, has had a hit-or-miss media career.

Throughout his commentary career, Gray has garnered notoriety for a number of reasons, but he has always delivered the game in an objective and extremely informative manner. His methods of presenting the game had an influence on non-football experts.

He is most known for serving as Clive Tyldesley’s commentary partner in the FIFA videogame series for EA Sports until 2012 when Alan Smith took over. Millions of fans throughout the world respect his thoughts.

Gray has gained notoriety throughout the course of his career as a commentator for a number of reasons, but he has always presented the game in a fair and educational way. Even non-football enthusiasts were won over by his teaching strategies, so it is for this reason that he will always be one of the best football commentators in the World.

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Alan Smith

Credit: skysports.com

Alan Smith, a former footballer for Leicester City and Arsenal, is one of the few sports analysts who has really competed at the highest level. Smith, a well-known striker who has also earned multiple England national team appearances, is well-known throughout the world for stepping in for fellow commentator Andy Gray as Martin Tyler’s partner in the FIFA videogame series from EA Sports.

Smith loves to narrate events as they occur without using dramatization or showmanship. His commentary is modest. Being a top-tier player himself, his knowledge of the game is far superior to that of his colleagues, yet his dignified demeanor reveals the true nature of the guy. Smith has also consistently provided football commentary on Sky Sports and is regarded as one of the best football commentators in the English football.

Smith’s commentary is understated, and he prefers to relate things naturally and without showmanship. Although he is a top-tier player whose proficiency in the game is far superior to that of his contemporaries, the man’s polite approach speaks volumes about his character. Smith has also frequently served as a football analyst for Sky Sports.

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Clive Tyldesley

Credit: bbc.com

Another senior critic on our list is Clive Tyldesley. He has established a reputation for himself among other notables and has long been a part of ITV’s commentary team, finally taking over after the famous Brian Moore departed.

Tyldesley frequently provides commentary for important FA Cup matches and Champions League contests (he has covered the last seventeen finals). He was also a longtime participant in the FIFA videogame series from EA Sports.

In addition to these, Tyldesley has received other honors for his efforts on-camera, including four times as the Royal Television Society Sports Commentator of the Year.

One of the best football pundits in English history is the Lancashire man, who is currently enjoying a successful career with ITV.

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Peter Drury

Credit: Hollie Adams

Currently, Peter Drury is arguably the Premier League’s top football analyst. Drury can improve the viewing experience provided by a football game by becoming poetic with his words and only bestowing praise when it is truly deserving. This distinguishing quality of his has made him one of the best football commentators in English football.

Along with teammates Jim Beglin and Martin Tyler, he has commented on the majority of Manchester derbies in recent years, but he has distinguished himself as one of the greatest when it comes to recounting or telling exquisite events.

In addition to the UEFA Champions League and other international events like the FIFA World Cup, Drury has experienced numerous memorable moments, the majority of which have occurred in the Premier League. For his unbiased viewpoints and arguments, the majority of fans and athletes revere and appreciate him.

Drury has put on multiple standout performances, most of which have been in the Premier League, but he has also performed in other international competitions like the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League. Most fans and players hold him in high regard for his reasonable viewpoints and arguments.

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Brian Moore

Credit: twitter.com

Perhaps the first person to introduce the profession to the wider public was the great Brian Moore, who is informally regarded as the father of English football commentary.

It’s believed that Brian Moore, known as the “Father of English Football Commentary,” was the first to make the profession known to the general public. One of England’s greatest football commentators of all time, the legend known as “The Voice of Football” is widely regarded.

Over the course of his lengthy career, Moore, who was born in Kent in 1932, has participated in nine FIFA World Cups and more than twenty Cup championship finals. Additionally, he had the distinction of controlling the microphone as England, under Bobby Moore, defeated West Germany in the 1966 FIFA World Cup final at Wembley Stadium.

Even though Moore passed away in 2001 at the age of 69, he will be remembered for being the first professional commentator to introduce the game into English homes with elegant language and immaculate description. He spent a lot of that time working for the BBC and ITV Sport. Moore garnered positive reviews for his appearances on radio and television and is considered as one of the World’s best football commentators.

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John Motson

Credit: irishexaminer.com

One of the best football commentators on the circuit is John Motson, who has been covering football since 1971.

The legendary broadcaster has an unblemished record of calling more than 2,000 games for the BBC. He laced his comments with data and statistics, demonstrating how meticulous his pre-match research had to be.

After quitting active commentary in 2008, Motson produced a lot of highlight packages and Match of the Day specials for the BBC. In 2017, he made known that he would be coming out of retirement to work for TalkSport.

The Lancashire guy has also provided his voice for a number of TV ads, and nobody can ever deny his status in English football. He is among the best players the game has ever seen, and veterans frequently recall his delicate, modest description of the pick motion.

In 1996, Michael Aspel surprised Motson at a charity event while he was on the topic of This Is Your Life. In 2007, he also made an appearance on the BBC Radio 4 biographical program Great Lives, where he selected Brian Clough as the example of his “great life.” The evening of Motty Mastermind, Motty – The Man Behind the Sheepskin, and Countdown to the Full Motty on BBC Two on May 19, 2018, honored Motson’s career.

In the 2001 Birthday Honours, Motson was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to sports broadcasting. At the age of 77, he passed away on February 23, 2023.

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Martin Tyler

Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Martin Tyler, who is possibly the eldest of the group, has long been acknowledged as the voice of English football. His commentary skills border on the dramatic, but he gives the audience an encounter they are not likely to forget. Because of this he holds a place high up on our list of best football commentators.

The 77-year-old continues to work as a full-time commentator, and his enduring partnerships with Peter Drury, Jim Beglin, and Alan Smith have earned him legendary status in English football.

Throughout his lengthy career, Tyler has held positions with Premier League Productions, Sky Sports, and Fox Australia. He presently serves as Woking FC’s assistant manager in the fifth division. For years to come, people will recall his antics on the microphone during Sergio Aguero’s amazing goal against Queens Park Rangers in the 2011–12 season.

Along with Andy Gray from 2005 to 2010 and Alan Smith from 2011 to 2020, Tyler served as the FIFA video game series’ default commentator from 2005 to 2020. Tyler also acted as a commentator in the 2005 film Goal.

Tyler has served as a coach for several teams that Alan Dowson has overseen. He started working with Dowson at Kingstonian and Hampton & Richmond Borough after joining Walton & Hersham in 2005. He accompanied Dowson to Woking, a National League team he has backed since he was a young fan, in May 2018. After Dowson left the team in late February 2022, Tyler also made the decision to leave, capping a four-year career with the Surrey-based team.

Before the 2022–23 season, Tyler reconnected with Dowson and accepted a coaching position at Dartford.

That was our list of top football commentators. Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

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Which one of the commentators was featured in FIFA games?

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith were featured in several editions of FIFA video game.

Who are the top 3 greatest English football commentators?

Brian Moore, John Motson, and Martin Tyler are the greatest English commentators according to Footbalium.

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