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Chiellini teammate claims he ‘watches every game’ in MLS

Giorgio Chiellini is apparently a big MLS supporter as he watches every match, as claimed by LAFC teammate

LAFC midfielder Kellyn Acosta claims that Giorgio Chiellini is a huge MLS fan even before he joined LAFC.

Chiellini is an MLS superfan!

Juventus and Italy legend Giorgio Chiellini is enjoying life at MLS with Los Angeles FC and apparently, he was a great fan of the league before joining LAFC.

Teammate Acosta claims that Chiellini watches every MLS game.

“He actually surprised me because he literally watches every single MLS game,” Acosta said to the Los Angeles Times. “He knows all the players. When he first came in, he already knew my name and where I played previously, and how many games.”

Added Chiellini: “I arrived here in order to enjoy this league, discover new things, understand how is soccer now, at what level, in the U.S. And also in order to understand a different view of the sports business and sports here. It’s a huge difference.”

Chiellini, who is 38, has no intention of retiring anytime soon, though, as the Italian defender will take every year as they come.

“It’s very hard thinking about the next year,” he said. “I have learned in my career after 30, then 32 and imagine now at 38, that you can’t have a long plan because everything changes so quickly. You have to be ready to adapt. I’m living in the moment.”

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