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Southampton great Matt Le Tissier launches into a strange land about David Beckham and Bill Gates!

Former Southampton star Matt Le Tissier leveled an unusual criticism at ex-Manchester United and England hero David Beckham for posing with Bill Gates.

Le Tissier expressed his disapproval of Beckham sharing a picture of himself alongside Microsoft founder Bill Gates, taken at a conference organized by the Gates Foundation. The event also saw the presence of former Chelsea stars Didier Drogba and Michael Essien.

The sight of David Beckham alongside the renowned billionaire triggered an unusual criticism from Matt Le Tissier. The former Southampton midfielder, known for his outspoken views on the reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and the UK government’s handling of it, describes himself as a “conspiracy realist.” Le Tissier has been vocal in his criticism of the media and figures like Bill Gates.

Speaking on a podcast hosted by former Wales international David Cotterrill, he said: “My stomach turns when I saw that picture of David Beckham, [and] Bill Gates. I mean seriously, why? Why? You’re a good footballer, David. You weren’t world class, you were a very, very good footballer. At what you did, you were very good. Why are you getting involved? What are you getting involved with that bloke for? Do you have any idea what crimes he’s committed… I think it’s all part and parcel of that circle, of people of that level.”

As the co-owner of MLS side Inter Miami, David Beckham likely has other concerns beyond Matt Le Tissier’s criticism. Inter Miami is gearing up for the return of the MLS. They are aiming to enhance their performance in the upcoming 2024 campaign, building on their efforts from the 2023 season.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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