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Inter Miami’s sporting director promised Messi more signings

Sporting Director Chris Henderson and Lionel Messi affirm Herons’ commitment to tirelessly secure new signings in the offseason.

In the year-end media availability for Inter Miami, Henderson revealed that the Herons are actively seeking to enhance their roster for the 2024 season. Given the packed calendar, including international competitions, Concacaf tournaments, and MLS-specific competitions such as the Leagues Cup and the U.S. Open Cup, the MLS side aims to strengthen all three areas of the pitch.

As Messi suffered an injury, the Herons encountered challenges during the final stretch of the regular season.

The team encountered difficulties in connecting plays in the attack, and there was a lack of cohesion between the midfield and defense.

With the departure of Josef Martinez from the club, there is a clear need for reinforcements and increased depth. Anticipated priorities for the Herons include acquiring a forward, a midfielder, a fullback, and any player enhancing the starting eleven.

He told reporters: “We have seen what this team is capable of when we’re on all cylinders and everyone is out there. We had some beautiful football, controlling games. But we want more. We will improve this roster for 2024. We will work tirelessly to evaluate the changes that need to be made.”

As the 2023 calendar for the Herons concludes, players enter their offseason, with no further matches scheduled until the preseason kicks off in January.

During this period, the focus for the team is on relaxation and preparation for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Argentina prepares to confront Brazil in FIFA World Cup qualifying later this week, shifting the focus to international action. Anticipation surrounds Messi’s expected significant role in the crucial contest between the two football powerhouses.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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