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Lionel Messi Clause in Red Bulls’ MLS ‘Holiday Pack'”

New York Red Bulls lure fans with a ticket deal for the MLS opener, but there’s a catch: a Lionel Messi clause in the promotion.

The MLS side emailed fans, extending an offer for tickets to their inaugural home game of the 2024 season and the derby against rivals New York City. Yet, as ESPN reported, the email emphasizes a significant detail: if RBNY faces Inter Miami CF in the home opener, it will exchange the ticket for the home opener with one for RBNY’s second home match.

Excluding Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami team from the offer suggests that the club is likely to raise ticket prices when the Florida side visits New York.

There is significant demand for tickets to witness the Argentine superstar in action, and another MLS team, Columbus Crew, has already announced an increase in ticket prices from their usual $40 to a range of $382 to $679 for their home match against Inter Miami next season.

During Messi’s presence in the United States last season, numerous fans resold their tickets at considerably higher prices than their original purchase. Despite joining Inter Miami in July and scoring a total of 11 goals for the club, only one of those goals was in MLS matches.

Anticipate the release of the 2024 MLS season schedule before year-end, with the campaign set to commence around late February or early March.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
Russell Murray is a passionate football journalist whose heart beats to the rhythm of the beautiful game. With an insatiable appetite for all things football, Russell is always seeking to capture the essence of the sport. Also, he strongly believes that Guti and Diego Milito never received the recognition they deserved for their contributions to football.


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