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Sporting KC captain slams team-mates after recent winless run

Sporting KC captain Johnny Russell has criticized his players for adding to their winless run this season, as they fell short during their visit to the Gillette Stadium against New England Revolution.

Additionally, SKC has been facing criticism for accumulating their third red card in the first nine games of the season.

Sporting KC is on a very difficult run

Under the management of Peter Vermes, Sporting KC has lost six games and drawn three in the 2023 Major League Soccer season, without winning a single game.

I think, to anyone who watched it, it was night and day. I thought we were really bad in the first half, pretty much in every aspect of our game.

“And then it took us slightly before we go down to 10 men, but then after that we take the game to them, which is pretty baffling in itself,” Russell said.

“You can’t start games like that in this league, especially against teams like that. They’re going to pick you apart and they did that for the first half.

Sporting KC captain added: “I think we showed the reaction. But, again, not enough on the day and not good enough overall.”

After LA Galaxy won their tie against Austin last night, Sporting KC has remained at the bottom of the league and has become the only team that has not secured at least one win in the current season.

If SKC continues to perform poorly in the league, Vermes’ job may be at risk. However, any changes at the helm of Sporting are still a long way off.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
Russell Murray is a passionate football journalist whose heart beats to the rhythm of the beautiful game. With an insatiable appetite for all things football, Russell is always seeking to capture the essence of the sport. Also, he strongly believes that Guti and Diego Milito never received the recognition they deserved for their contributions to football.


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