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Celta boss Rafa Benitez gives his thoughts on Gabri Veiga’s Al-Ahli transfer

Celta Vigo boss Rafa Benitez views Gabri Veiga’s transfer to Al-Ahli as “an opportunity” following his failed move to Napoli.

Initially, Napoli had identified the 21-year-old talented midfielder Gabri Veiga as a strong addition to Rudi Garcia’s squad for this summer. They had reached an agreement with Celta Vigo for a total deal worth €36 million just last week.

However, the situation took an unexpected turn as things went quiet, and tensions arose between the two clubs. Eventually, reports surfaced that Veiga had opted to reject Napoli’s offer in favor of a more lucrative contract from Saudi side Al-Ahli. This attractive financial offer enticed him to make the move from Europe to the Middle East.

Benitez likens Veiga’s transfer to that of Carrasco to China

During a press conference reported by Di Marzio, Benitez discussed Veiga‘s transfer to join Al-Ahli and how this choice reflects on the young midfielder.

“He will definitely not be in the squad, because emotionally it is very difficult for a kid of his age to handle everything and more in a game against Real Madrid. The situation of the footballer himself is a life-changing situation for him and his family.

“It also changes for him and given his age, he can return to play in more competitive leagues, but perhaps the Arab league will become a competitive league. The boy has an opportunity, it is also an opportunity for his family.

“We cannot forget that. It is a decision he will have to make. The club did not want to sell him, and he is in a situation that can be advantageous with financial control limiting him.”

Benitez compared Veiga’s situation to that of Yannick Carrasco, who briefly left Europe for a two-year spell in China.

“I was in China and I had Carrasco, who then returned to Europe and now plays in the Champions League. It’s not an elephant’s graveyard. The Arab League came with money, and it can be a radical change in our lives, it can be a big help. It’s not that we want that, but it has happened.”

Finally, former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez closed out his thoughts on Veiga’s move to Saudi Arabia.

“When important offers come in, you assess the financial aspect for the club and the interest of the player. At the beginning we thought he could go to a team playing Champions League football. Then the situation changed.

“If you can’t sign any player you want because the wage limit prevents you from doing so, this sale to Arabia, perhaps, opens a way. You have to be intelligent instead of thinking stubbornly. That is what happened to us.”

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