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Aymeric Laporte bemoans ‘lack of seriousness’ in the Saudi Pro League

Al-Nassr’s defender Aymeric Laporte acknowledged player dissatisfaction in Saudi Arabia and expressed frustration with the traffic in Riyadh.

As a prominent player who made the move to the Saudi Pro League from Manchester City this summer, Laporte joined Ronaldo at Al-Nassr.

Despite Ronaldo’s positive remarks about the league, Laporte revealed that the experience for several European players, including himself, has been challenging in adapting to life in the Middle Eastern country.

Speaking to ASLaporte said: “It’s a big change compared to Europe, but in the end it’s all adaptation. They haven’t made it easy for us. In fact, many players are dissatisfied, but hey; We are working on it every day, negotiating so to speak, and to see if it improves a little because this is something new for them too, having European players who already have a long career. Maybe they are not used to this and have to adapt to a little more seriousness.”

The defender also made a serious allegation that the Saudi Arabian authorities do not honour contracts and added: “In every sense, but also on a day-to-day basis. Life for them… they take everything lightly. The ultimatum you can give them doesn’t matter to them. I mean, they’re really going about their business. You negotiate something and then they don’t accept it after you have signed it. They fight you.”

Laporte becomes the first player to openly critique Saudi Pro League

Laporte appears to be the first player to openly discuss the on-the-ground challenges in Saudi Arabia. His disclosures come at a notable moment, occurring just days after former Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson decided to leave Al-Ettifaq due to difficulties in adjusting to the lifestyle in the Gulf country.

When pressed if Laporte could follow Henderson’s footsteps in the future, the defender said: “No, let’s see. At the moment, I haven’t thought about it, but if I’m disappointed in such a short time, you wonder what to do. That moment has not yet arrived, but in the future, it could be if this dynamic continues. Yes, they take care of us, but not enough for my taste. That is to say, in Europe, they pay you a good salary, but they take care of you much more.

“To be honest, many of us have also come here not only for football. Many of us are happy with that, but I am also looking for something beyond that, not the economic part and such. In terms of quality of life, I expected something different because in the end here you spend three hours a day in the car. Riyadh is a waste of traffic, of time wasted in the car.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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