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Neymar close to a return to Santos after ‘effective’ conversation confirmed

After engaging in an “effective” conversation with the club president about a potential return, Neymar could decide to return to Santos.

Neymar’s strong bond with Santos is apparent, as demonstrated by his attendance at a recent match between Santos and Corinthians, sporting the club’s logo on his T-shirt. His presence has stirred speculation about a possible return to the club where he began his professional career, especially after President Marcelo Teixeira disclosed that he had a significant meeting with Neymar concerning a potential comeback.

He told ESPN Brazil: “The conversation was very brief, but quick conversations are often the most effective.”

Currently sidelined by a severe anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus tear, Neymar is undergoing rehabilitation in Brazil. The Al-Hilal player, who has encountered difficulties in Saudi Arabia, will become a free agent in 2025, and recent developments hint at a strong likelihood of Neymar reuniting with Santos.

Neymar is currently out of action due to a severe injury

Nevertheless, Teixeira stressed the necessity of Neymar achieving full recovery before contemplating a return to Santos, showcasing a sense of cautious optimism regarding the possibility.

He added: “To play here, he needs to recover well. He will continue his experience there and then come.”

The brief meeting between Neymar and Santos’ president at the match signals the initiation of discussions that may mold Neymar’s future, heralding a possible pivotal moment in his footballing trajectory. Nonetheless, his recovery schedule sidelines him for the entire season and the upcoming Copa America, underscoring the obstacles he confronts on his journey to complete recuperation and potential club determinations.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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