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Pedri responds to PSG rumors, calling them unlikely

Barcelona midfielder Pedri has responded to rumors linking him to a potential move to PSG, saying somethingbad has to happen for the move to become a reality.

The Spaniard has asserted his focus on getting ready for the forthcoming season with Barcelona and disregarded any speculation about his future.

Pedri expressed his strong affection for Barcelona, calling it “the club of his dreams,” and expressed his desire to stay at the Catalan club for an extended period, unless faced with “very bad and very unpleasant” circumstances.

Pedri wants to lead Barcelona into the future instead of joining PSG

When asked whether he will be staying at Barcelona for the 2023-24 season and beyond, Pedri told La Vanguardia: “Yes, for sure. I’m very calm here. Enjoying myself, focused on the tour, and focused on being ready to play. I’m not paying attention to what people are saying elsewhere. I’m only thinking about preparing for the pre-season and enjoying my time with Barça.”

Pressed on PSG’s reported interest in his services, Pedri replied: “I don’t keep an eye on the offers that come my way. My representatives receive that. I tell them that if they want to listen, they should do it. And they will tell me but I’m focused on what is important to me, which is to train, play and enjoy. But a lot of things have to happen for me to leave this club. It would have to be very bad and very unpleasant. I see it as very unlikely, Barça is the club of my dreams and I want to stay for many more years.”

Pedri admitted that he wants to lead Barcelona in the future, he backed the decision of his team-mates as he feels that he is not ready yet for the responsibility. “I voted for De Jong and Araujo. And they’re the ones who won,” he said. “They deserved it more than anyone else. Moreover, they have been at the club for many years and I think they show the image that a captain should give. Who doesn’t want to be captain of their dream team? I know someone voted for me but I think I’m still too young for that.”

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Ethan Dempsey
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