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Jose Mourinho reveals he rejected two offers from Saudi Arabian clubs

Legendary Portuguese manager José Mourinho has revealed that he rejected two offers from Saudi Arabia clubs this summer.

Jose Mourinho who is set to start his third season as Roma manager, said he refused to join the Saudi league and wants to remain in charge of Roma this season.

“Saudi? Al-Hilal and Al-Ahli. Yes. Before going to the meeting, I informed the owners, clarifying that I had no intention of accepting. At home I said exactly the same thing,” he told the Corriere dello Sport. “On the one hand, I felt like a prisoner of the word given to the players in Budapest and to the fans after Spezia, mimicking the stay. But if you ask me if I didn’t accept just for this reason, I’d answer no, not just for this.”

The former Real Madrid manager however said his opinion might change in the future and refused to rule out the possibility of working in the Saudi league.

“It’s not final, no. In the past, I turned down the most incredible offer a manager has ever received when China offered me the national team and a club where all the internationals would play,” he added. “An indecent economic proposal, out of this world and by all parameters.”

Mourinho’s side reached the Europa League final last season, but they lost to Sevilla. Roma’s new season will begin with a home game against US Salernitana on Sunday, August 20.

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
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