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“The objective is to win the quadruple”, says Manchester City’s Rico Lewis

Manchester City defender Rico Lewis says they want to repeat the treble and even are aiming for quadruple this season.

Pep Guardiola’s side started their Premier League campaign with a 3-0 win away to Burnley on Friday.

Last season, Manchester City became the second English team in history to complete the treble. Rico Lewis insists that they want to repeat the feat.

“The objective is to win the treble again, to win the quadruple,” the homegrown 18-year-old talent said.

“You know, winning it once isn’t good enough, so we have to keep on going and try and win it again.”

Manchester City lost to Arsenal on penalties in the Community Shield. They will face Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup on Wednesday.

“Obviously it’s a new competition for us,” Lewis said. “We’ve never won it, the club’s never won it, so, again, it’s another trophy that we want to go and win.

“It’s another competition and an important thing we need to go and take on.”

Rico Lewis was struck in the head by a lighter, during the first half at Burnley.

“Obviously when you’re in the game you can’t really focus on that,” Lewis said. “But it was just something I had to deal with at the time.

“It’s just an incident that’s unfortunate it’s happened to me but, you know, it happens to a lot of players, which is not a good thing.

“But there’s nothing really much you can do about it. You’ve just got to ignore it and then it’ll get sorted at the end of the game.”

Rico Lewis on De Bruyne’s injury

Pep Guardiola confirmed that Kevin De Bruyne will be out for a few weeks after suffering a hamstring injury. The 18-year-old Lewis believes they can deal with De Bruyne’s absence.

“Well, you know, injuries happen to everyone,” Lewis said. “Every team suffers with injuries and it’s something that you’ve just got to deal with.

“There’s enough quality in the squad where if someone gets injured someone can slot in and just carry on playing in the same way that the last person did.

“Obviously there’s going to be certain positions where we’ll be more hurt than others just because of squad depth, but it’s something that happens to everyone and everyone has to deal with it.”

Burnley’s game against Luton has been postponed, and their next game is against Aston Villa on August 27.

Summer signing Luca Koleosho said: “I think we had our moments in the game but obviously we were playing against the best team in the world right now.

“So, I just think that every game we’re going to get better and just improve.

“The mentality is just to win, there’s 37 games (to go), it’s a long season but just take it one at a time and just go out there and try and win.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
Sam Barton fell in love with football during the 98 World Cup and has been fascinated by it ever since. The tactical side of the game is what truly inspires him to think, read and write about football, making him the ideal football writer.


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