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Klopp: Chelsea will show up under Poch | Pochettino: Klopp is one of the best

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has warned his players ahead of the game against Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea.

Liverpool and Chelsea will face each other at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, and Jurgen Klopp says his players must be absolutely ready to face Pochettino’s side.

“Poch is a top manager, so they will show up,” Klopp said. “We have to be ready. We have to be absolutely ready. The football they played you can see it – Poch is there.

“We played against Mauricio often when he was at Tottenham, so you can see a lot of similarities from that and in the end we don’t know exactly.”

Ahead of their meeting, Pochettino also praised Klopp and called him one of the best managers in the world.

“He is one of the best,” Pochettino said of Klopp. “We cannot say he is the best but he is one of the best, top five world managers.

“I have a great relationship with him, he was so nice when I left Tottenham, one of the best messages that I received.

“He’s doing a fantastic job with Liverpool. So happy, because he deserves his backing from the club.”

Pochettino on Nkunku injury

Chelsea new star player Christopher Nkunku who joined from Leipzig in the summer, will be out of action for several weeks after suffering a knee injury.

“We feel very sorry about him,” Pochettino said. “He was doing well, he was [a] very important player for us.

“I think the quality is there, one of the best offensive players that can play in different positions that always is a big issue for us.

“Now it’s about not to think too much about the injuries and to be positive about when he can be again with us and recover as soon as possible in a good way.”

Dogout change

Pochettino, who visited Stamford Bridge with Southampton and Tottenham, has decided to swap the home and away benches at the stadium.

“I am going to be in the same dugout as when I was here with Southampton and Tottenham,” Pochettino has revealed. “It’s not going to be as strange a situation to be in the home dugout this time, it is going to feel like home, because I am going to be where I was when we played here before.

“We are moving because I think we will have better space and it is better to be on the right. That was the decision we took with the club on the day that we signed here, and the club agreed with me. 

“I don’t know if it is a lucky dugout but I think it is the best, because it is bigger, you are in the middle and at home you control everything. That for me is important. It was always a thing I was thinking, when I came here with Southampton I thought it was strange they gave me the best position, it was like we were at home. These are small details that can make the difference and that’s so important for me.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
Sam Barton fell in love with football during the 98 World Cup and has been fascinated by it ever since. The tactical side of the game is what truly inspires him to think, read and write about football, making him the ideal football writer.


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