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Barcelona keen on signing rising Dutch star Mats Wieffer

Barcelona is interested in acquiring Dutch rising star Mats Wieffer to address their midfield needs.

Barcelona plans to look for a new defensive midfielder next summer. Financial constraints limit signings this year, with Oriol Romeu as a potential option. The club aims to pursue a younger alternative in the future.

Gabriel Moscardo linked as a potential long-term option for Barcelona. However, the club seems to be prioritizing a more experienced player who can make an immediate impact on the first team.

Barcelona is considering Feyenoord’s Mats Wieffer as an option for their defensive midfield position. The 23-year-old Dutch player gained recognition over the past year. He is also a regular in the Dutch national team. He is capable of playing as a pivot or interior midfielder.

Barcelona sees Mats Wieffer as an ideal signing due to his combination of youth, experience, and potential also. The club is attracted to the idea that Wieffer, who is not expected to have a high price tag, could be a valuable addition to the team amid their ongoing financial challenges.

Barcelona has been closely monitoring Mats Wieffer, having scouted him multiple times. Feyenoord is also aware of Barcelona’s interest. The deal could happen in the upcoming summer transfer window.

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