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Eden Hazard on Saudi rejection: I have enough money

Eden Hazard, the former Real Madrid star, reportedly turned down a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabian clubs.

Eden Hazard, the former Real Madrid and Chelsea star, has openly expressed his contentment in retirement and conveyed a lack of inclination to return to the game after officially retiring earlier this year.

His former teammate, John Obi Mikel, disclosed that Hazard received lucrative offers to resume playing but chose to embrace retirement. Eden Hazard faced challenges with injuries and a decline in performance at Real Madrid, prompting his decision to retire at the age of 32. Mikel shared insights into Hazard’s altered training habits as he tried to cope with the physical demands that contributed to his decision.

“I had a phone call with him the other day, and he said, ‘you, you, you, you’re talking so much s*** about me’,” Mikel revealed on Vibe with Five, referring to comments where the ex-Nigerian international had revealed that Hazard did not make much of an effort in training.

Mikel on Eden Hazard: his body couldn’t take it

“He told me he looked at himself. And when he went to Madrid he said, ‘Ok. Let me try, let me give it a go. Let me put some effort in’. But as soon as he did start trying, he started getting injured in training. His body couldn’t take it.”

“He said, ‘you know what, I’m just going to quit.’ He got offers to go to Saudi. ‘should I go to Saudi and take a million a week? I had two or three offers from Saudi. But I have a lot of money. You know how I live my life. I don’t spend too much money. So I have enough money to raise my kids’.”

Eden Hazard, who still holds the distinction of being Real Madrid’s most expensive signing at €129 million, undoubtedly amassed significant earnings throughout his career. Despite his less-than-ideal tenure at Los Blancos, marked by injuries and performance challenges, Hazard’s mature approach to life beyond football is evident. His decision to prioritize retirement over lucrative offers suggests a thoughtful perspective on his well-being and future pursuits outside the football pitch.

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