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‘Technology needs time’, Arteta urges patience with VAR

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta believes the VAR technology in the Premier League will improve with time.

After a 1-0 loss against Newcastle, Arteta criticised the referee’s decision to award Anthony Gordon’s goal and called it “embarrassing” and a “disgrace”.

Despite his recent criticism of VAR, Arteta is a fan of using the technology in the Premier League and urged fans to be patient.

“I think we can improve it and we are trying to do that,” Arteta said.

“All those things that are happening I think are probably necessary to improve it and we have to take it that way. It has been a big change.

“Technology is taking a huge responsibility in games and it needs time. If we use it the right way, we are listening to people, we are open, we are humble and we are trying to be constructive, I think we will get to a really, really good place.”

Arteta: I have sympathy with all my colleagues

Arteta also revealed that VAR has been a hot topic of discussion between managers.

“I have sympathy with all my colleagues because I know how beautiful and how challenging the job is,” Arteta added.

“Those moments in front of the camera are not easy ones. You see that in many, many situations already this season as well as last season. We’re here to make the game better and make clubs better. We all need to win to do that.

“It’s a topic that comes up for sure. We talk about many things but that’s one of those as well because at the end it has a huge impact on results and our job depends on that.

Arsenal is one point clear of Manchester City at the top of the table after 13 matches. The Gunners will face Wolves at home on Saturday.

“It will be different, it won’t be the same. We cannot expect the same,” Arteta said.

This team is going to be different to last season and hopefully very different to the season next. That’s part of the evolution. Leaving some of the things in the past to the new things. That has a transition. We want to still be competitive and win matches and I think the team is competing really well.

They have a lot of quality over there. It’s not a coincidence what they’re doing. They perform really well against the top sides and that says a lot about the coaching staff, what Gary is doing, the way they have prepared and how they control opponents.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
Sam Barton fell in love with football during the 98 World Cup and has been fascinated by it ever since. The tactical side of the game is what truly inspires him to think, read and write about football, making him the ideal football writer.


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