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Ruud Gullit cautions Erik ten Hag about his future amid player leaks

Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit has expressed concern for Erik ten Hag following reports of dressing room leaks at Manchester United.

Dutch legend Ruud Gullit has cautioned his compatriot Erik ten Hag that he might face difficulties after media reports surfaced about an alleged players’ revolt.

Gullit drew on his experience as a player with AC Milan, emphasizing that nothing leaked from their dressing room during that time, contributing to the team’s remarkable success.

Speaking to GamblingZone, Gullit said, “Reports of dressing room leaks will be Erik ten Hag’s biggest concern. When I was at Milan, nothing ever came out. That’s why we were always so solid. Leaks aren’t good for the team. Players may think things like this can help them, but people always suss out who’s responsible for it. You’re in big trouble after that happens. It also hurts your chances of joining another club, as they’ll know what kind of guy you are if you’re comfortable leaking things. It’s not good.

“Whether there’s any way back for players after they start leaking information depends on the terms the person was on. The coach will know who’s leaking it, and the players will find it eventually. It’s the worst thing a player can do. If I found out one of my players was leaking information, then I would have waited for the right moment before I dealt with it! That’s what managers should do. They know how it works. A manager is always right when they’re getting results. The manager should always wait for the right moment no matter what action they take. You could take big actions or small ones. It depends.”

Gullit doubts that Zidane will take over after ten Hag

This week, Manchester United imposed a ban on journalists from four reputable media outlets that regularly covered the team’s practice sessions, following reports of alleged dressing room revolts against Erik ten Hag. Despite expressing concern for the future of the Red Devils’ manager, Ruud Gullit dismissed rumors of Zinedine Zidane taking over the helm.

Gullit added, “Zidane replacing Ten Hag is not going to happen! I don’t think he’ll do that. Zidane will wait for the French national team. It’s just a gut feeling I have. I had the same feeling when I heard reports of Jude Bellingham joining Liverpool. It was never going to happen! Especially when Real Madrid expressed their interest. Zidane to Manchester United is not going to happen. I’m convinced of that.”

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