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Champions League clash will not distract Milan – Pioli

Stefano Pioli states that Milan’s complete attention is on their upcoming Serie A match against Empoli, and they are not getting diverted by the Champions League quarter-final game against Napoli that is coming up.

Milan will play against the league leaders in the first leg on Wednesday, and they will also face Empoli at San Siro on Friday before the significant match.

Milan will face Serie A’s leader in Champions League quarter final

After Milan’s remarkable 4-0 triumph over Napoli on Sunday, they are currently placed third in Serie A.

However, Inter, Roma, and Atalanta are all in contention for the top four positions, and they are within a three-point range.

Pioli emphasized the significance of being humble while playing against the 14th placed Empoli.

He stated that their league campaign still holds great importance, even though the Champions League last eight is forthcoming and is glamorous.

He said: “It is crucial to stay in tension. Matches are won first with attitudes and determination, and then with quality.

“We must be humble; the league is important to us and we must take advantage of this home game.”

“We have to stay on track. We produced an important victory in Naples, but we have to use it to play at that level there all the time. We just have to think about tomorrow.”

Asked if he ignores the umpcoming Champions League match, Pioli said: “Because the objective in the league is very important and because otherwise the victory in Naples would be useless.”

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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