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Lehmann and Douglas Luiz are back together at a New Year’s event

Alisha Lehmann and Douglas Luiz may have reunited, as the Aston Villa duo cozied up at a New Year’s event.

They ended their relationship in November 2022 after nearly a year of dating, with indications suggesting that disagreements over the release of Lehmann’s official 2023 calendar were the cause of their separation. Nevertheless, both have stayed in frequent communication, as they are still part of the Aston Villa team.

They seem to have set aside any differences, as Lehmann and Luiz appeared quite amicable at a glamorous party to usher in 2024. They were photographed together, with Luiz even putting his arm around Lehmann’s waist at one point.

The West Midlands might have reignited passion, as people often view the start of a new calendar year as the ideal moment for new beginnings and putting events of the past behind them.

Passion may have reignited in the West Midlands, as people commonly see the beginning of a new calendar year as the opportune moment to initiate fresh starts and let go of past events.

While there is no official confirmation on whether Luiz and Lehmann have reconciled, they celebrated the New Year at a festive event filled with balloons.

Lehmann marked the beginning of 2024 in the company of family and friends during the WSL winter break. Meanwhile, Luiz recently scored a decisive match-winning penalty for Villa against Burnley and has played a crucial role in their ascent to second place in the Premier League table.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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