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“Toxic culture” will persist at Man United while the Glazers remain, says golf superstar Rory McIlroy

Golf superstar Rory McIlroy believes ‘Toxic culture’ at Manchester United won’t change until the Glazers leave the club.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe has spent just over £1bn to acquire up to 25% of Manchester United. Ratcliffe’s INEOS group will assume control of the football operations side of Manchester United’s business if a 25% offer is approved by the Premier League.

In an interview with Sky Bet‘s ‘Stick to Football’ podcast, golf star Rory McIlroy said the “toxic culture” at Man United will not go away until the Glazer family leave the club.

McIlroy who is a lifelong Man United fan said: “I think it’s sad what’s happened at Manchester United with the owners as it’s got to the point where you’ve got the Glazers who can’t even go to their own club and watch games. because the fans are just so disillusioned with what’s going on.

I grew up watching Manchester United in the 1990s and early 2000s, and even this David Beckham documentary a few weeks ago. it just reminds you of how good football was, and the good times. What we’ve been going through basically since Sir Alex Ferguson left – for my generation of Man United fans, we’re just not used to it. I just think the club has this sort of toxic culture that I don’t think will be able to be broken until the owners go. It’s maybe not as hard a thing to say for some people. but it’s sad that people have come in, owned a football club and they’ve spent quite a bit of money – they’ve taken a lot of money out too.”

McIlroy: I loved Wayne Rooney

McIlroy also named David Beckham and Wayne Rooney as his favourite-ever Manchester United players.

[On his favourite footballer growing up] It was David Beckham for a good part of It. but I loved Wayne Rooney. I still have season tickets at Manchester United and I loved going there and just watching Wayne because he worked so hard and ran everywhere, you felt exhausted after watching him for 90 minutes. To be that good but to also have that work ethic, to me he looked like he loved football, and I loved watching him play.”

Eric Ten Hag’s side will face Wigan in the FA Cup on January 8.

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
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