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Christian Vieri: In five to 10 years the Saudi Pro League can become the biggest league in the world

Ahead of the EA Sports FC Supercup final between Inter Milan and Napoli in Saudi Arabia, Italian football legends like Vieri participated in a padel exhibition match organized by Lega Serie A.

Players like Alessandro Del Piero, Christian Vieri, Ciro Ferrara, Marco Materazzi, Vincent Candela, Luigi Di Biagio, and Cristian Brocchi traded their football gear for racquets and tennis balls at Padel In in Riyadh.

While known for their football skills, the legends enjoyed some game time in padel before sharing their thoughts on the upcoming final and football in Saudi Arabia.

In 1999, Christian Vieri became the world’s most expensive player when Inter paid Lazio €43 million for his goalscoring exploits. Reflecting on the current trend of big-name players moving to Saudi Arabia, Vieri expressed his belief that it is only a matter of time before the Saudi Pro League becomes the biggest league in the world.

Vieri said: “If the Saudi government wants to become the biggest league in the world, then I think in five to 10 years they can become the biggest league in the world. They have the money, they have the structures, and they have started to build (new) stadiums and training facilities.

“It’s not going to take three days because they’ve only started but you’ve got one of the biggest players that’s played soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 54 goals last year, and he’s amazing, and he’s 38-years-old. He never complains, plays every game, takes care of his body in an incredible way – so for the Saudi league, you couldn’t have a better player to promote your league. I think this is a very important league and it can be a very important league in future.”

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
Ethan is a lifelong football fan. When he is not obsessing over the Premier League games, Ethan likes to read fantasy tomes, watch football documentaries and waste hours upon hours on video games.


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