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Neville warns Rashford after Manchester United star took responsibility for his actions

Gary Neville has warned Manchester United star Marcus Rashford over his off-pitch ‘choices’ after he took responsibility following a ‘disciplinary matter’.

Manchester United has confirmed Marcus Rashford has “taken responsibility for his actions” and will be available for the game against Wolverhampton on Thursday.

Rashford was left out of his team’s 4-2 win against Newport in the FA Cup on Sunday, with United saying he was too ill to take part. However, Rashford was seen out in Belfast nightclub on Thursday night before reporting himself as too ill to attend training the following day.

“Marcus has taken responsibility for his actions. This has been dealt with as an internal disciplinary matter, which is now closed,” Man United said on Monday.

In an interview with the BBC Breakfast program, former Man United captain Gary Neville said Sir Alex Ferguson “would have given Rashford a dressing down” after nightclub visit.

He said: “Your timing has to be right. He [Sir Alex Ferguson] would have given him a dressing down. but he would have said similar things, make sure you do it at the right moments. nobody ever says to a football player you can’t go out.

But when you have a game three days later and Marcus knows himself. he’s an experienced player now and he’s done this a few times. I’ve always seen him as being really responsible, professional and someone who works hard every day. He’s going through a dip in form right now. but this has happened once or twice and it can become your personality if you’re not careful.

Neville also urged Rashford to be more careful of his off-pitch ‘choices’ as his reputation could be damaged.

For me, going out for a drink or a night out is something every football player should and will do. so I’ve got absolutely no problem with that. They need to enjoy themselves,” he said.

But it’s all about choices and timing and I said this after the Manchester City game at home. We got beat at home against City and he went out that night to Chinawhite. I think it was his birthday. Then they had a game against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup after that and I just said ‘Look, choose your time’. United had just had a winter break and a few weeks off. so that was a better moment for him to go out.

If you do it too many times, people wonder what is going on in your life. so he just needs to relax, calm down, choose when to go out and get back to playing football at the levels he can.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
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