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Xavi: Managing Barcelona is a cruel and unpleasant job

Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez says he decided to leave the club a long time ago because he felt his work was not valued.

Xavi Hernandez recently announced that he will leave his role as manager of Barcelona at the end of the season.

Barcelona won La Liga last season, but they are 11 points behind league leaders Girona this season. Xavi’s side also lost in the Spanish Supercopa final and was eliminated from the Copa del Rey this month.

Ahead of Wednesday’s La Liga fixture against Osasuna, Xavi admitted managing Barcelona is a ‘cruel and unpleasant job’, because he is made to “feel worthless every day”.

It is a cruel and unpleasant job,” Xavi said in a news conference.

It makes you feel worthless on a daily basis. Pep [Guardiola] had already told me; I saw Luis Enrique suffer.

We have a problem in terms of the level of demand. You don’t enjoy it. You’re playing for your life all the time. It’s cruel.

The job we have done has not been sufficiently valued. We arrived in 2021 at one of the most difficult moments in the club’s history.”

Xavi: I am not valued

The Spanish coach also said he did not feel valued enough, and he was criticised for every decision he made.

Xavi added: “In general I am not valued. That generates a certain amount of wear and tear, especially when it’s your club.

I have the feeling that whatever I do, I won’t be valued. It’s not to do with putting up with the pressure. We came in at such a difficult moment and I don’t think our work will ever be valued.

“I have always said what I think. If I say we are a team in construction, you kill me. If I say we don’t have the Barça side of 2010, there is also criticism.

“Whatever I do, there is criticism. Nothing I say is [taken on]. Not even winning LaLiga [10] points ahead of Real Madrid, not even winning the Supercopa [in 2023]

It’s an issue to do with the club, the environment which circulates it, the demands… and that’s why the feeling I had was that this is the right moment to leave.”

‘The same will happen to my successor’

Barcelona’s legend believes it will be “impossible” for his successor to enjoy the job.

The same will happen [to the next coach],” he added. “This is the problem. I would advise them to be themselves, to be natural and to not allow themselves to be influenced.

My dream was to coach Barça, win and play good football. I am proud of what I have done and I have a clear conscience. My advice to my successor would be to enjoy it, but it’s impossible.”

Xavi who played 17 years for Barcelona did not rule out returning to the club in the future.

I don’t rule out coming back one day,” he said. “I am a club man and I am here for the club when they need me.”

Sam Barton
Sam Barton
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