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Deco: Barcelona needs a profound change and a new paradigm

Barcelona sporting director Deco stirred controversy with an interview where he reportedly suggested that the club should abandon their traditional style of play.

With Xavi set to depart at the end of the season, Barcelona is in search of a new manager. Many expected the club to seek a coach who would continue their possession-based 4-3-3 approach. But Deco’s remarks last week left fans puzzled.

In an interview with Portuguese outlet SOL earlier this week, Deco allegedly said: “The new direction is essential and the president agrees with me on this. A profound change is needed. There is a method that is exhausted. We have to find someone who will break with the past once and for all and move towards a new paradigm.”

Deco thinks Barcelona method is ‘exhausted’

The comments remained published on the outlet’s website for several days before they caught the attention of the Catalan media. Subsequently, they asked Xavi for his response.

Suggesting a rift between manager and director, Xavi responded: “He doesn’t say that to me. He tells me that he believes in the Barca DNA and style. I can’t say anything else.”

Many Barcelona fans swiftly expressed their anger on social media towards Deco for what they perceived as dishonesty and a lack of commitment to the club’s history. This led to Deco and SOL quickly retracting their statements.

According to reports, Deco was actively reaching out to local radio stations to refute the claims attributed to him. Additionally, SOL updated their article, attributing the misunderstanding to the author’s failure to accurately capture Deco’s true sentiment.

Questions have arisen regarding how comments made by Deco in his native Portuguese were allowed to remain published for an extended period if they did not accurately represent his views. Efforts have been made by all parties involved to clarify the situation.

Despite attempts to clarify the situation, a significant number of fans seem to have lost trust in Deco. It is anticipated that Deco will issue a statement to provide further context and clarity regarding his comments.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
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