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Muller downplays 500th win record at Bayern

Thomas Muller, the German football legend of Bayern, downplayed his 500th competitive match victory in a Bayern tricot in his characteristic style.

Almost without fail, German football legend Thomas Muller delivers a memorable post-match interview, whether he’s dismissing complaints about a bench role, cryptically foreseeing Dortmund’s title chances slipping away, or casually deflecting discussions about milestones with a mention of his preference for loin-girding sportswear.

When asked about earning his 500th competitive victory with his club this afternoon, the 34-year-old Muller lived up to expectations during his Sky Germany interview.

Muller played 690 games for Bayern, scoring 237 goals

With a quick flash of wit, he provided the interviewer with the anticipated response, all while keeping his focus on Leverkusen, showcasing the mindset of one of the sport’s greatest competitors.

“I’m not much one for all these anniversaries. It’s the feeling of victory that counts. Next week, we face Leverkusen. I believe we’re on a good path and can win. The fans, with their cheers, told us that we can win in Leverkusen next week.”

“Compliments to Leverkusen. Ordinarily, Leverkusen isn’t worthy of fan insults. But next week’s game is apparently important to our fans. I want to chase this feeling again. Whether there’s a milestone attached to it or not doesn’t matter to me.”

Bayern legend and World Cup winner Muller, a rare example of a one-club man, has scored 237 goals in 690 appearances for Bayern. In the last season of the 2022-23 campaign, he actively lifted his record-extending 12th Bundesliga title.

Scoring 45 goals in 126 appearances for the Germany national team between 2010-2023, Muller has achieved an impressive total of 32 trophies during his tenure with Bayern. Among these, he secured two Champions League titles in 2013 and 2020, respectively.German football legend Thomas Muller casually played down his 500th competitive victory for Bayern in his signature style.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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