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Vinicius Junior Biography

Vinicius Junior is currently one of the most intriguing young talents in both European and international football. Vini has one of the highest player potential ceilings, especially following a stunning 2021/22 presence.

He is a professional footballer from Brazil and is presently a winger for Real Madrid. This talented boy was born on July 12, 2000. Vinicius Junior or Vini Junior is the more frequent name for him.

Vini is a superstar at the age of just 22 (as of 2023) because of his explosive style and exceptional talent. He is referred to as “Baby Galactico” by some people, particularly Los Blancos supporters. In this article, we will dive into Vinicius Junior Biography as one of the best players in the world of football.

Vinicius Junior biography with details

Let’s make the long story short and get through the Vinicius Junior biography:

Vinicius Junior introduction

You can discover a lot of fascinating stuff about “Vini”. We’ll go over the top Vinicius Junior facts that you probably didn’t know in the article that follows.

Vinicius Junior stats:

  • Nick Name: Vini
  • Birthdate: 07/12/2000
  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Height: 1.76m
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Place of Birth: São Gonçalo, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Position: Left Winger
  • Current Team: Real Madrid
  • Debut Club: Flamengo
  • Shirt Number in Real Madrid: 20
  • Shirt Number in Brazilian national team: 18

This is not all there is to know as we examine each area of Vinicius Junior biography individually, more details will become clear.

Here the story begins

Here the story begins
credit: soccersouls.com

Vinicius José Paixo de Oliveira Junior (Vinicius Junior real name) was born on July 12th, 2000, in So Gonçalo, an impoverished neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro near the tainted waters of Guanabara Bay. Vinicius Junior’s family is some kind of low-class one, and he has two brothers and one sister.

The parents of Vinicius Junior occasionally ran out of bread to put on the table. His uncle Ulysses occasionally assisted the family due to the difficult living circumstances. Because of this, he had experienced a harsh existence since childhood and young age, which helped him grow into a guy who constantly sought out hard work.

Also, he signed up for futsal at Canto do Rio, a renowned team in Niteroi, south of Sao Goncalo. Vini cherished the futsal training he received. One of the most interesting things about Vinicius Junior is that he picked up a lot of basic skills there.

He was a gifted athlete, and all he wanted was to play. Because of his prodigious skill in setting up plays, Vinicius quickly distinguished himself from the rest of his team and earned the No. 10 jersey. He was more than capable of scoring goals, but he preferred to assist his teammates.

Vinicius Junior’s parents sent him to Flamengo Academy when he was nine years old because they wanted him to play football at school. But, the academy advised him to return after a year, when Vinicius Junior’s age wouldn’t be an issue.

But he couldn’t wait any longer. He returned to his futsal drills and focused on them. His parents persuaded him that futsal was not the best sport for him since they thought he would have a better future in the world of football. They were ultimately successful. And finally, they succeeded.

The Real’s black diamond joining story

The Real's black diamond joining story
credit: api.news

Our story about Vinicius Junior biography continues as he passed the trial test for Flamengo’s youth football team in August 2010 and was accepted. He was really excited, as well as his family. His father treated him to a performance of Flamingo Senior tea at Stadium Luso Brasileiro as a reward. Vinicius Junior has always loved this particular childhood memory.

One of the most notable facts about Vinicius Junior is that he joined this academy at the beginning of his journey toward becoming a star.

One of the first teams to try and secure his availability was Manchester United! The negotiations with the Flamengo, however, did not go well; therefore, Vini was not successful.

He received an invitation to represent Brazil at the South America U-17 Championship in March 2017. During that competition, he was successful in scoring seven goals and taking home the best player trophy. In addition, he performed 3 Chapeaus (hat-trick in French) in short succession during a match between Brazil and Paraguay. Following the match, Chapeau rose to fame as a brand name.

Real Madrid intervened in the transfer conflict and acquired Vinicius Junior. He was permitted to remain at Flamengo in Brazil until July 2018 so that he may train and grow. The fact that Vinicius Junior is currently the most expensive player under 18 ever sold in football as a result of this contract makes this transfer particularly noteworthy and one of the most important facts about him.

Vinicius Junior Biography; Real Madrid episode

Vinicius Junior Biography; Real Madrid episode
credit: assets.goal.com

This part of Vinicius Junior Biography shows that how precious he is for Real as they tended to buy a 17-year-old player for a bunch of money.

At the time, Vinicius Junior’s transfer to Real Madrid cost a reported €46 million, making it the second-highest player sale price in Brazilian football history (behind only Neymar), the largest transfer fee paid by a Brazilian club, and the highest price ever paid by a club for a player under the age of 19. Originally, he was supposed to make a loan return to Brazil in July 2018.

Seasons 2018 to 21

He was formally introduced as a Real Madrid player on July 20, 2018, and received squad number 28. On September 29, he made his professional debut in a scoreless draw with Atlético Madrid, entering as a replacement in the 87th minute. On October 31, Vinicius made his debut in a 4-0 Copa Del Rey away victory over Melilla. He assisted Marco Asensio and Álvaro Odriozola during the game, earning Marca’s Player of the Match honors.

In a 2-0 victory over Real Valladolid on November 3, 10 minutes after coming on as a replacement, he scored his first goal. During his debut on September 29 and February 7, 2019, he scored four goals. His season was over after he tore a ligament on March 6th against Ajax.

In a 3-1 away victory over Club Brugge on December 11, 2019, he scored his first UEFA Champions League goal of the 2019–20 campaign. He opened the scoring for Real in their 2-0 victory over Barcelona in El Clásico on March 1, 2020. He appeared in 29 games for Real Madrid that the regular season, scoring 3 goals.

Vinicius scored twice on April 6, 2021, as Barcelona defeated Liverpool 3-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League.

Vinicius Junior life story
credit: cdn.theathletic.com

Season 2021 to 2022

On the first day of the La Liga season, Vinicius scored Real Madrid’s fourth goal in a 4-1 away victory over Alavés to kick off the 2021–22 campaign. He beat Eden Hazard to a spot in the first squad on August 22 after scoring twice in a 3-3 draw against Levante while playing off the bench. He scored twice when Real Madrid defeated Elche 2-1 on October 30 to take the lead in the La Liga standings.

The goals, which surpassed his tally of six goals across all competitions during the 2020–21 season in just 14 appearances, were his sixth and seventh in the league season and his eighth and ninth overall. He earned his first hat trick for Real against Levante on May 12, 2022.

He gave Madrid their record-tying 14th UEFA Champions League championship on May 28 when he scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory over Liverpool in the championship game.

With 22 goals across all competitions, Vinicius finished the 2021–22 season as Real Madrid’s second-best goalscorer, just behind his attacking partner Karim Benzema. Vinicius was selected for the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League team of the season and was named the first-ever Champions League young player of the season for his accomplishments.

Season 2022 to 2023

In the late FIFA Club World Cup final on February 11, Real Madrid defeated Al-Hilal 5-3 thanks to a brace from Vinicius, who also won his second Club World Cup.

Vinicius was named the competition’s best player. On February 21, Vinicius scored twice in the first half to lead Real Madrid to a dramatic 5-2 victory over Liverpool at Anfield in the first leg of their round-of-16 Champions League matchup.

Vinicius Junior Biography: Brazil’s national team appearances

Vinicius Junior Biography: Brazil’s national team appearances
credit: sandiegouniontribune.com

Being selected for the national squad has always been his dream because he takes pride in being a Brazilian. Coach Guilherme Della Déa called up Vinicius Junior for Brazil on October 30, 2015, in preparation for the South American U-15 Championship. Vinicius was the second-highest goal scorer at the U-15 tournament with seven goals, helping Brazil win the championship.

Vinicius made his South American U-17 Championship debut for Brazil in March 2017 by scoring in a 3-0 win over Peru. On September 10, he entered a 1-0 loss for Brazil against Peru as a substitute in the 72nd minute.

On June 9, 2021, Tite announced Vincius’ inclusion in the Brazilian team for the Copa América to be played in Brazil. He played as a substitute in his country’s 1-0 loss to rival Argentina in the championship game on July 10.

In a 4-0 victory over Chile at home in a 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification game at the Maracana Stadium on March 24, 2022, Vinicius scored his first goal for the national team.

Vinicius was included in the Brazil team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup by Tite on November 7, 2022.  On November 24, against Serbia, he helped Brazil to a 2-0 victory by assisting Richarlison’s second goal.  On December 5 against South Korea in the round of 16, he scored his first FIFA World Cup goal and assisted Lucas Paqueta’s goal to help Brazil advance to the quarterfinals, but they lost to Croatia 4 days later.

This is not everything to know about Vinicius Junior life story, in the next chapter, we will take a look at his girlfriend’s introduction.

Vinicius Junior Biography: Girlfriend and love story

Vinicius Junior Biography: girlfriend and love story
credit: wtfoot.com

Maria Julia Mazalli, Vinicius Junior’s girlfriend, is also Brazilian, born in 1995. Maria’s dating the young Real Madrid player did not bring her fame as she was already been famous as an influencer and presence on the Brazilian reality TV program De Férias con o Ex.

Maria publishes blog posts about travel and fashion for influencers. She accepts her curves in her internet posts and has a strong body image on her Instagram account. Maria encourages leading a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising.

She enjoys exploring new places and occasionally watches her partner play for Real Madrid or represent their country while cheering him on from the stands.

Early in 2019, the couple’s connection became known after Vini refuted dating rumors. Vini and Maria’s romance was first reported by the Brazilian daily Lance.

Fans’ speculation about the two began when they saw selfies published on their social media accounts. Fans quickly noticed that the selfies were shot in the same Madrid restroom and that the secret had been out. They never discussed how they met or whether they were acquainted prior to dating.

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