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Toni Kroos targets the Saudi Pro League yet again

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos isn’t known for holding back his opinions about the Saudi Pro League. Once again, he utilized his podcast to criticize the current state of the game.

Within a week, the German star Toni Kroos has twice voiced his criticism of players relocating to Saudi Arabia, alleging them to be mercenaries.

He clearly expressed his sentiments last week when news surfaced that Gabri Veiga would depart from Celta Vigo for Al Nassr, despite having opportunities to join several other top European clubs. Kroos labeled the 21-year-old’s decision as ’embarrassing’.

Kroos has rejected the notion that Saudi Arabian football represents anything other than a pursuit of money. He cited ‘human rights as the sole factor that would deter me from making such a move.’

“It has been said that the football there is ambitious, but it all revolves around money. In the end, it is a decision for money and against football,” Kroos remarked SI, as carried by Diario AS.

Kroos was softer on senior players moving to the Saudi Pro League

Kroos was less harsh on veterans who went their for a payday, namechecking former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

“That’s when it starts to be difficult for the football we all know and love, everyone has to make that decision for themselves, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who decided to do it towards the end of his career. But it becomes very difficult when players, who are in the middle of their career and have the quality to play for the best clubs in Europe, decide to make those changes.”

Many in Europe have echoed these feelings, but the truth is that football players have consistently pursued financial incentives. Historically, money from the United States and the Middle East had been circulating within European clubs.

With another league now capable of providing significantly higher wages than Europe, it’s improbable that the movement of talent to Arabia will cease. Additionally, it’s valid to observe that those opting to go there aren’t solely motivated by professional challenges.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
Ethan is a lifelong football fan. When he is not obsessing over the Premier League games, Ethan likes to read fantasy tomes, watch football documentaries and waste hours upon hours on video games.


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