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Interesting facts about Toni Kroos

Real Madrid is an absolute beast when it comes to total performance in the league. Every player who has ever played for the team gains worldwide recognition and adds massive credit to his name. They go on to make headers and have a few articles written for them. However, most of these posts and articles only cover their careers and not unknown facts. That is when we come in. So, for today we will talk about interesting facts about Toni Kroos.

The underrated German player Toni Kroos, who has long covered the Real Madrid midfield, is one of the best players in the club’s history. You wouldn’t find any lists that aim to name the best players of Real Madrid that don’t mention the name of this German player.

He is one of the most crucial players in the Real Madrid team, thanks to his superb vision, exceptional passing range, and good spatial awareness. Even while his fans closely follow his posts, there are some things that only a very small number of people are aware of. But after today, we aim to increase that number drastically.

Some rare but interesting facts about Toni Kroos

Some rare but interesting facts about Toni Kroos
Credit: Euro Sport

So without further ado, let us jump right into the interesting facts about Toni Kroos article and talk about some of the rare information never leaked before.

One of the youngest players of Bayern Munich

The youngest player of Bayern Munich
Credit: Sky Sports

Did you know that in the history of Bayern Munich, only a select few have ever been able to represent the team on a professional level at the age of under 18? And one of these players is the main protagonist of our interesting facts about Toni Kroos.

Before joining the Bayern Munich team at age 16, Kroos played for Greifswalder SV and Hansa Rostock throughout his junior career.

A year after joining the Bavarians, the German was given a shot with the first team and, at the age of 17 years, eight months, and 22 days, became the youngest player to play professionally for Bayern Munich in 2007 (this record has been broken by a number of players now).

In a match that Bayern went on to win 5-0, Toni didn’t simply fill in the numbers; the former Munich maestro contributed with two assists after taking Ze Roberto’s place in midfield.

Toni Kroos idol

Toni Kroos idols
Credit: Transfermarkt

Football seems to have a recurring trend where every notable player was influenced by another well-known player and modified that player’s playstyle to fit his own. One of the top facts about Toni Kroos is his idol.

The former Werder Bremen player, Johan Micoud, had a position on the field similar to Kroos, who apparently liked the Frenchman’s “calm and composed” attitude while he was in possession of the ball.

These characteristics undoubtedly affect how aggressively Toni plays his game, and the 33-year-old admitted that he was such a big fan of Micoud that the back of his first jersey was printed with his name and number.

French professional footballer Johan Cédric Micoud mostly operated as an attacking midfielder.

He was regarded as an accomplished midfielder and dead-ball specialist. Throughout the course of his 16-year career, he played professionally in Germany and Italy in addition to his own nation.

Football runs in their family

Football runs in their family
Credit: Transfermarkt

Football is such a powerful element of the world that it may even make its way into a person’s Genes and have an impact on that person’s future generations. In this instance, football made a home in the Kroos family and remained for several generations. The fact that his father and brother also play football is one of the fun facts about Toni Kroos.

Roland Kroos, the father of Toni and Felix, was a professional wrestler in the past, but he has now switched to teaching football, and it all started with his two kids at Greifswalder, SC.

With his brother, who currently serves as a junior coach assistant at Union Berlin, Kroos recalls his early years of stamina and endurance training.

It is claimed that Toni was never viewed as a naturally talented footballer growing up and instead pursued success by working hard in school and on the field of play. His father’s strong work ethic is ultimately responsible for this mentality.

Now about his brother. Felix Kroos has discovered that the path to football stardom is far more difficult than the way Toni handled it, leaving him regretfully in the shadows of his powerful brother.

Felix, 32, formerly of Werder Bremen, moved to Union Berlin for €500,000 in 2016 after finding it difficult to secure a regular starting position in holding midfield.

His record of accomplishments pales in comparison to those of his older brother, although he did get Mecklenburg-2007 Vorpommen’s “Talent of the Year” title and has shown excellent adaptability throughout his career. He began as a striker but is now a managerial assistant.

The nicknames

The nicknames
Credit: Getty Images

One of the unknown facts about Toni Kroos is that he has a lot of nicknames, and the boys at Real Madrid call him all kinds of names in the locker room.

Toni has the nickname “German Sniper” due to his height, athleticism, and ability to shoot the ball accurately from a distance. Kroos directs play from midfield and is a dynamic and hard-working player.

He is an expert at taking free kicks and corners, and he does so brutally. His Real Madrid colleagues refer to him as the “Ice Man” because of his capacity to maintain composure under stress. Toni’s Brazilian teammates also call him “Garcom,” which is Portuguese for “waiter” and is another nickname for him.

During the 2014 World Cup match against the Portugal team, inflicting a 4-0 defeat on the Portuguese team, Kroos rendered them helpless.

This also contains Muller’s hat trick as the top German player. He played brilliantly during the game, but this wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent ball handling of Kroos.

Having 79 passes in a miraculous try. And finishing 76 of them as this demonstrates his outstanding passing record of more than 96%, giving rise to the nickname Waiter.

The German pride

The German pride

One of the amazing facts about Toni Kroos is that he has done a lot for his country. His service for Germany has been underrated over the years, but by reading this section of interesting facts about Toni Kroos, you would realize how big the things that Toni has achieved are for his nation.

According to a German newspaper’s reports and compared to many other German players, such as Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Marco Reus, and Jerome Boateng, the player has established a higher value on the transfer market. Just Thomas Muller is a German who is worth more than Kroos.

Being one of the most valued German players in the world, Toni Kroos has joined the list of the most expensive players ever recorded on Transfermarkt. By investing only a little bit more than £25 million to get the German, Real Madrid has made some of the most valuable bargains.

Another interesting point about Toni Kroos is that he is probably the first East German to get his hands on the World Cup trophy.

Many people find this surprising, but it shouldn’t be when you realize that the German national team won the World Cup in 2014 for the first time since the nation was reunified in 1990 and that before that, East Germany was almost useless in comparison to its Western neighbors.

Kroos is from Greifswald, Mecklenburg-Vorpommen, and was the only member of the whole 2014 winning team who was born in East Germany. Kroos himself was equally as shocked upon learning the information, asking,

“Am I really the only one? I am not as much in touch with those times as my parents.”

Best year for Toni Kroos

Best year of Tony Kroos

Players usually experience ups and down in their careers, which is a normal phenomenon. But one of the interesting facts about Toni Kroos is that 2014 was his best year, according to many.

There were several outstanding playmakers in the world back then, including Lionel Messi, of course, but also Eden Hazard, Yaya Toure, James Rodriguez, and Andres Iniesta. Toni Kroos, however, was the best playmaker in the world in 2014, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, which named him the award recipient.

Since Barcelona players had won the previous six awards, Kroos broke the pattern by beating Messi by a razor-thin margin. The German has also won five titles while playing for three different teams adding another fact to the interesting facts about Toni Kroos.

That year, he won both the DFB Pokal and the Bundesliga. Before, he and Germany competed for the right to capture the World Cup championship in Brazil. For Kroos, 2014 has been one of the luckiest years. It is difficult to disagree after such a strong year in Munich and then on the largest platform possible at the World Cup.

Toni Kroos net worth

Tony Kroos' net worth
Credit: Instagram

One of the interesting facts about Toni Kroos is that he has played for two of the top clubs in the world throughout the years. How much money has he made?

The numbers below represent Toni’s projected net worth for 2022. Thus, you need carefully review his Real Madrid contract and then include the money he is getting from endorsements and other businesses outside of football to get a precise estimate of his net worth for the current year.

The center midfielder signed a deal with Real Madrid in May 2019 that gives him a massive salary of 19.5 million euros (17.3 million pounds) annually. The German midfield maestro has only ever played for two teams (He was on loan for Bayern Leverkusen): Real Madrid, the best club in Spain, and Bayern Munich, the biggest club in Germany.

The midfielder has amassed a net worth of more than €170 million (£151 million) throughout the course of his career; despite being close to his thirties, his market value is still well over €60 million (£53 million).

Toni Kroos wife

Toni Kroos wife
Credit: Instagram

To talk about footballer WAGs has always been an interesting topic of debate, and we will talk about it in this part of interesting facts about Toni Kroos.

Toni Kroos’ amazing wife is Jessica Kroos. Their relationship gradually developed into a committed one over the years after beginning as teenagers. When Toni first met his wife, he wasn’t the famous player we know him to be now; thus, Jessica had no idea what would happen.

Although they were still teenagers, the pair initially connected in Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. Jessica countered that they didn’t fall in love on their first encounter. But fate brought them back together in Germany.

During their second encounter, they realized they were attracted to one another and began dating. They fell in love quickly and remained together for a long time before getting married in 2015. It was a lavish wedding, and a few well-known people were present.

Jessica is a successful entrepreneur who manages to keep a healthy distance between her personal and professional lives. German parents brought Jessica into the world on June 5, 1988.

The gorgeous German woman prefers to maintain a low profile and most definitely does not take advantage of the glamor and fame that are showered upon her.

Jessica graduated from a local school with her high school diploma. She had great success in the clothing industry. Currently, she is the owner of a lucrative clothing brand. Her business largely runs online, but she has also opened physical shops in a number of cities around Germany.

She has a profitable net worth of close to $1 million as a result of her business. But this is a far cry from Toni’s salary from his football career.

Toni Kroos social media

Toni Kroos' social media
Credit: Instagram

Toni Kroos interesting facts have come to an end with this last section of the article.

Toni is super famous on social media. One of the main platforms that Toni is active on is Instagram. He is known as Toni.kr8s on the platform and has over 38 million followers.

He mostly posts his football images, celebrations, and events. If you are lucky, you may also find a few pictures of his life outside football, but these are such rare things since Toni’s life is football.

He promotes both of his institutions. One is a foundation that only pursues charity objectives, and one of those goals is to assist chronically sick children and their families. The other is his football academy. The academy focuses on discovering and then training young German football talents.

The last fact of interesting facts about Toni Kroos is that the academy is managed by people that Toni himself appointed and is directly monitored by the player to ensure optimal performance.

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