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Sporting director Deco confirms Barcelona’s talks with Frankie de Jong agents

Barcelona Sporting Director Deco confirmed that he has been in contact with the agent of Frenkie de Jong over a possible contract extension.

Despite his claim to have met Frankie de Jong representatives, Barcelona sporting director Deco emphasized that they had only exchanged general greetings and had not initiated negotiations.

Despite a recent injury, de Jong had been in excellent form, and there is growing confidence that he will remain a key figure in Barcelona’s midfield for years to come.

Relations between Frenkie de Jong and Barcelona’s hierarchy have remained strained due to the club’s previous attempt to sell him to Manchester United for a substantial fee.

The departure of Director of Football Mateu Alemany was particularly disapproved of by de Jong’s agency. Deco, the Barcelona Sporting Director, is faced with the significant task of mending these strained relations and eventually securing a new deal with de Jong.

While de Jong’s current contract runs until 2026, the club aims to extend it further and possibly involve a pay cut, although Deco denied that formal negotiations have started.

“Firstly, I have sent some messages to agents I didn’t know to introduce myself. And what I did with Frenkie was this. Frenkie is not alone with this date [of contract expiry]. There are others. When we talk about the future, about solidity, they are players who we would like to stay at the club for many years.”

When we talk about the future, about solidity, they are players who we would like to stay at the club for many years


“But we haven’t talked about renewal yet, the only conversation has been to introduce myself. We like Frenkie, as we like Pedri, Araujo, Gavi, Gundogan… Who can be at the club for many years. Frenkie is at a perfect age as a footballer and is playing at a high level. That’s why we want him to be there for quite a few years.”

Deco hopes de Jong and Barcelona could put the past relations behind them

Deco refuted the notion that past relations had soured but expressed confidence that Frenkie de Jong would remain with Barcelona for the long term.

“I don’t know what happened in the past, I can’t talk about things I wasn’t present for. But more important than the agents or me, what is important is the player. In the end the player is the one who decides his life. The important thing is that I see a happy, happy player, enjoying himself, playing football at a high level.”

“And at Barca the players have to be happy to play at their best level, knowing the pressure that exists, but that they are comfortable, and I see Frenkie comfortable, he has a contract for this season and two more and the important thing is that he Keep enjoying the club, just like the rest.”

Frenkie de Jong has been open about his lifelong dream of playing for and living in Barcelona.

Given his commitment to stay two seasons ago, it would be surprising if he sought to leave in the near future, especially with the impending arrival of his first child.

However, after the events of the summer of 2022, Barcelona will need to tread carefully to ensure they don’t upset him, as he is a vital player for the team.

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Ethan Dempsey
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