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Deco reveals how close Barcelona were to Neymar deal

Deco, Barcelona sporting director said that Joan Laporta preferred to make a deal for Neymar Junior last summer, but it never got very close to happening.

When Lionel Messi decided to join Inter Miami this summer, there were speculations that Barcelona might consider Neymar as a potential star addition to their forward lineup. Deco has informed Sport that there were discussions. However, they never advanced beyond the initial exploration stage.

“There were conversations with his manager. This was much more the president. However, the truth is that the situation and how it could be done was never really worked out. We have the issue of Financial Fair Play that condition things a lot, but Neymar’s situation was never finalised.”

There were rumors that Neymar was open to a significantly lower salary to join Barcelona. Deco said that such an offer or willingness never reached his attention.

“The numbers, we know, Neymar had a very high salary. He had offers from clubs in Saudi Arabia. It was very difficult to get Neymar back in the current scenario. He is a fantastic player. Obviously, he would fit in at Barcelona. ​​But there was never a real possibility, beyond the desire he had to return from Barcelona.”

Neymar, the former Barcelona star, recently suffered another significant injury. He was stretchered off the field during a match against Uruguay. He has been diagnosed with a torn meniscus and a torn anterior cruciate ligament. It will necessitate surgery and the rest of the season to recover. Neymar had just begun his journey with Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal, but it appears that fans will need to wait until the second year of his two-year deal to see him in action again.

Alex Lundy
Alex Lundy
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