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Barcelona deputy spokesperson calls Vinicius Jr a ‘clown’ for claiming to be racially abused

Vinicius Junior openly claimed that he has been racially abused on multiple occasions however, Barcelona deputy spokesperson Mikel Camps calls him a ‘clown’ for claiming so.

Vinicius Junior has been subjected to racist abuse on multiple occasions, with the situation coming to a head in May during a Real Madrid match against Valencia at the Mestalla.

Unfortunately, it seems that Vinicius was again subjected to a case of racist abuse during the match against Sevilla on Saturday, as photos showed a fan making monkey gestures in his direction.

After the match, Vinicius once more called for changes to be implemented to prevent these incidents from happening again, not just to him but to anyone else.

However, it appears that not everyone is sympathetic to the Brazilian, with Mikel Camps, Deputy Spokesperson of Barcelona’s Board of Directors, criticizing the Real Madrid forward.

“It is not racism, he deserves a slap for being a clown. What do these unnecessary and meaningless bicycle kicks represent in the centre of the field?”

The idea that Vinicius somehow provokes or deserves this racist abuse is completely absurd. Nobody should be subjected to such treatment, especially merely because they are a football player that someone doesn’t like. It is indeed a deeply troubling situation for Spanish football.

Ethan Dempsey
Ethan Dempsey
Ethan is a lifelong football fan. When he is not obsessing over the Premier League games, Ethan likes to read fantasy tomes, watch football documentaries and waste hours upon hours on video games.


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