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Alvaro Garcia praises Radamel Falcao at Rayo

Alvaro Garcia, a former Cadiz winger, praises Rayo Vallecano star Radamel Falcao, even though he plays less, and no one’s frustrated with his presence.

After declaring in his interview with Diario AS that Real Madrid left-back Fran Garcia was ‘too nice for Real Madrid,’ Garcia assessed two of Rayo’s star forwards.

He praised Raul de Tomas for his reaction after being sidelined for six months. De Tomas moved to Rayo from Espanyol after the transfer deadline in September 2022 due to a falling out with Los Pericos.

“Raul is still young. What has happened was hard. Not competing for six months as happened last season is complicated. But he was exemplary. Mentally he held up very well. I don’t know how I would have done in his place. He’s a normal guy. He doesn’t act like a star. Stars don’t exist here.”

Raul de Tomas hasn’t quite reached the same level of performance he achieved at Espanyol, as he competes with Sergio Camello for a starting spot. Meanwhile, their high-profile Colombian striker has been restricted to late-game appearances in recent times, but Garcia was full of praise for him despite that.

Falcao is a beloved figure among Atletico and Rayo Vallecano fans

“Falcao… There is no one more humble than him after everything he has done and what he has won. But he’s pure goodness. He is always in a good mood, thanking everyone and greeting them as if he had just arrived. He has been one of the best forwards in the history of football. However, he helps everyone. What’s more, when I see him he makes me reevaluate my own actions. If Falcao doesn’t get angry for staying on the bench, how can I get angry? You have to put everything in persepective in life like he does. And I’m telling you that everywhere we go, there are Colombians who want to take a photo with him, a signature… whatever.”

“His birthday celebrations, for example. Celebrated it with us. He spends the money and is delighted to do so. I remember he took us around Madrid to dinner with all his family and friends. Really, everything that surrounds El Tigre is very good. We gave him a hamper of gourmet products of cheese, ham, wine, oil….”

Falcao is a beloved figure among both Atletico and Rayo fans and appears to be comfortable in the Spanish capital. His contract is set to expire at the end of this season, and although there were speculations that he might depart from Rayo this summer, it’s evident that he continues to make a positive impact.

Russell Murray
Russell Murray
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