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David de Gea opens talks over January deal with La Liga side

David de Gea, the former Manchester United goalkeeper, is currently a free agent, having left the Red Devils five months ago.

David de Gea is reportedly interested in returning to Spain. It would be beneficial for both his partner Edurne and daughter Yanay. According to reports, Real Betis has initiated preliminary talks regarding a potential deal for de Gea. Both parties seem open to reaching an agreement. The goalkeeper’s future may become clearer as negotiations progress.

Real Betis is reportedly considering the “Isco formula,” referring to a short-term deal on reduced terms. This approach is aimed at accommodating David de Gea within the club’s current salary limits. Betis CEO Ramon Alarcon has also acknowledged that the club is operating beyond its salary cap. Any potential deal for the 33-year-old goalkeeper would likely necessitate a corresponding sale to balance the financial aspect.

For Real Betis to potentially facilitate a move for David de Gea, the sale of Rui Silva might be a necessary step. The success of this operation could also hinge on finding a suitable deal for Silva. The outcome of negotiations involving both players will play a crucial role in these potential moves.

The potential acquisition of David de Gea by Real Betis could also represent a significant improvement in goalkeeping quality for the team. They are Currently relying on Claudio Bravo as an alternative to Rui Silva. Betis would need to carefully assess the short-term benefits of bringing in de Gea. Similar to the “Isco formula”, the success of this arrangement might influence de Gea’s decision to stay on if he enjoys his time with the club. The evaluation of these factors will be crucial in shaping Betis’ goalkeeping strategy.

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